Blindspot’s Lou Diamond Phillips Has Fun Being Bad

Giovanni Rufino/NBC
Giovanni Rufino/NBC

Bad guys, they get to have all the fun. That’s certainly been the case for Lou Diamond Phillips during his recurring guest spot on Blindspot. The movie and television veteran’s character Saul Guerrero was introduced last Monday as one of the most feared criminals on the FBI’s Most Wanted List and it’s a role that allows Phillips to have some fun.

“He might be the most feared, but he’s got a great sense of humor. And that’s one of the things that I really loved about the role. It was an absolute blast to play it,” Phillips shared with reporters in a recent conference call. He went on to say that he loves “playing bad guys because, you know, the gloves come off and there are no rules. You can be as mean or as–I don’t know, irreverent as you want. And certainly the bad guy in Blindspot is part and parcel of that,” explained Phillips.

Having fun was just one of the aspects that drew Phillips, who will soon star in The 33, a movie about the Chilean miners trapped for 69 days in 2010 and who also stars in Longmire as Henry Standing Bear, to the role. “It’s incredible quality writing,” he enthused. Blindspot also offers a unique experience in that “it’s a little action film every single week,” said Phillips. Though that action aspect did leave Phillips with a few side effects. “I took a few bruises and a few bumps on this one. But, you know, like I’ve always said about fight scenes, if you don’t come away a little sore, you weren’t doing it right,” he said.

Guerrero certainly seems to hold the key to finding out more about Mayfair and Project Daylight’s past but Phillips couldn’t share much about just what that may be. He did say that Guerrero “is definitely a part of the puzzle, but I don’t even know if he knows, you know, what part he plays in this. And every question just leads to more questions, and I’m just, you know, one big worm in a can of worms.”

Whatever Guerrero may expose about Mayfair, Phillips did leave us with one warning. “He is intrinsic to the plot and to what’s going on with not only Mayfair, but obviously Jane.” Tune in Monday night to see more of Phillips and just what that may be.

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