Black Lightning Recap: New Rules

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Can you believe we’re already at the penultimate episode of Season 2?! Time flies when you’re hunting super-metas I guess!

Previously on Black Lightning, Tobias woke up one of the super-metas; Anissa continued to search for Grace; Lala came back and tried to get revenge on Jeff for allegedly killing his friend Earl until Lala found out he was actually the one who killed him; Lynn and Odell were at each other’s throats over Wendy’s (one of the Pod Kids) training; and Jennifer vowed to get justice for Khalil by killing Tobias.

We open on the streets of Freeland where a Green Light Baby known to citizens as “Cape Guy” is being held at gunpoint for seemingly no reason. There’s debris swirling all around him and he’s insisting that he’s not a danger to anyone; that he’s on the same side as the Freeland PD. But the cops don’t believe him because the next sound is that of shots entering Cape Guy’s body.

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At the Pierce house, our favorite superfamily is sitting down to dinner. But it’s not just any Pierce family dinner. Nope! Jeff wants to have a formal family meeting to talk about recent events. And thank goddess, because he gives everyone (including viewers) a nice recap of what’s been going on this season–Khalil’s death, super-metas, and Pod Kids getting kidnapped. For much of the season, hell, the series, we’ve seen Jefferson taking many precautions in the name of keeping his family safe. To his credit, his intentions have been pure. But unfortunately, his insistence on controlling his daughters has blown up in his face on more than one occasion. So Lynn convinced him that perhaps he needs to Father differently, to trust his daughters if they’re going to be in the fight. And he knows he won’t be able to stop them.

So instead he’s instituted 3 rules: 1. No one can know their identities; 2. Always have backup and yes, Gambi counts; and 3. WE. DON’T. KILL. Seems fair, no? Well, Jennifer is cool with all of the rules except for the last one. Remember how she promised Khalil that she would put Tobias in the ground? Yeah, her father’s rules won’t allow that to happen. Jeff refuses to budge though, because once they start acting like the suit gives them the power to decide who lives and dies, it’s a slippery slope. The girls reluctantly agree to the rules. Oh and in case you forgot, Odell is still watching them.

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Meanwhile, Tobias is his crew are ready to wake up the super-metas. Can we talk for a minute about how amazing Cutter looks?!?! Okay, that’s all. And nowww… introducing the newest super-metas to hit the streets of Freeland:

Darryl Robinson AKA Coldsnap

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Joe AKA Heatstroke

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Rebecca Jones AKA New Wave

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Agent Odell walks in on Lynn as she’s watching the news about Cape Guy, and Lynn wants to know if he’s found any leads on the missing Pod Kids. There’s been no news, and Lynn is worried that they could all be dead because even though they were stable, there’s no doubt the kidnappers weren’t very careful while transporting them.

Down in the Lightning Lair, Gambi is convincing Jeff that Todd Green was working for Tobias. Ugh, poor Todd. I really do miss that nerd. Anyway, all signs point to Tobias having the Pod Kids. Gambi set up some sciency stuff around the city to try and triangulate the radiation signature or something. I don’t know. Apparently it’ll help them find the location of the pods. Meanwhile, Jennifer is jumping around trying to get her suit on.

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My exact sentence from my notes on the next scene is “that dude from last week is mixing up a batch of a new person or whatever” and honestly…I stand by that. Lala tells him (can’t find his name for the life of me) that it turns out Jeff didn’t kill Earl, Lala did. The two commiserate over how Tobias has caused them both so much pain. For reanimation dude, it’s because Tobias killed Lady Eve, who taught him how to use his talents. Death Dude tells Lala that once he kills Tobias, he’ll feel a lot better. Lala is so tired, he just wants to rest.

Back in the Lair, Gambi has Jennifer back in that hamster ball to test her suit again. He sends a shock to the machine and huzzah!! The material works! While Gambi and Jennifer run off to look at the actual suit, Jeff starts to get that faraway look in his eye as he remembers Jennifer as a little girl. We’re then treated to an incredibly emotional montage set to a broken down version of Here Comes the Sun. And yes, I cried.

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Jefferson and his younger daughter go to lunch and Jennifer wants to talk about the rules again. She feels like Tobias is a completely different case because of all the hurt and pain he’s caused Freeland and the Pierce family. She doesn’t understand why his punishment for killing so many people…shouldn’t be death. Jeff reiterates that these powers don’t mean they get to decide who lives and who dies. In fact, he wonders why he was even given the burden of these powers. Once one starts to go down the path of playing God, he says, it will inevitably lead to darkness. Well THAT doesn’t sound good…

In the Lair, Anissa explains to Gambi what happened when she followed that lead to Grace’s foster brother’s apartment. After listening to her tale of an ass-kicking Asian man and half-eaten/rotting horse, he concluded that we’re dealing with a shapeshifter here. But what, pray tell, would a shapeshifter want with Grace? HMMMMMM. Gambi reassures Anissa that if Grace loves her the way she Anissa loves Grace, she’ll find her way back to her.

At the lab, Wendy and Lynn are having some quality time and Lynn suggests that Wendy talk to Perenna about her adjustment back into the real world, 30 years after she last remembers it. I love seeing this nurturing side of Lynn, even when it’s not directed to her own children. She brings a level of compassion to her work that is so important especially when the majority of that work lately has been focused on children. She reassures Wendy that she gets to choose whether or not to use her powers. That she can still grow up and be whatever it is she wants to be. Wendy expresses her appreciation that even though Lynn doesn’t like working with Odell, she chooses to stay.

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Meanwhile, Tobias is training his super-metas by having them fight each other. Marcus runs at Tobias so Cutter stabs him in the neck, and then makes out with Tobias. And then Jace makes the exact same face that I did.

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Lynn is still watching Cape Guy footage when she decides to give Jennifer a call to see how she’s doing. She asks her daughter if she’d be willing to talk to Windy Wendy about what it’s like to have powers. They try to use code but LOL guys it doesn’t matter, Odell is listening in anyway. Jen jokes that Lynn probably wishes she used better birth control if she knew her daughters would end up this way, but Lynn insists that she wouldn’t change a thing.

Odell brings his guys in to train Wendy, but Lynn isn’t having it. She refuses to let Wendy be treated like a weapon. Only after Wendy has the chance to be a normal teenager will she decide whether or not she wants to be Odell’s soldier. Shockingly, Odell relents.

And now it’s Pierce Sister Time on the roof! Anissa explains to Jennifer what she saw in the apartment, which sounds so fantastical that Jenn has to make sure her sister wasn’t high when she went over there. Suddenly, Anissa remembers Grace’s eyes changing in the park that day…and the Asian man’s eyes changing at the apartment… Gambi thought a shapeshifter was after Grace but OMG WHAT IF GRACE IS THE SHAPESHIFTER?! Welcome to Twitter from like 2 months ago, Anissa. Jennifer says screw the rules, and tells her sister to go find Grace and tell her the truth! That they’re both metas!

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In West Freeland, born and raised, on the playground is… oh wait, nevermind, nothing good or whimsical is happening in West Freeland. In fact, right now, Joe is lighting literally everything in the town on fire. He found his way to an even where Kwame Parker was speaking and set everything, including Parker, ablaze. He then moved on to heating gas pipes, the result of which was many structures in West Freeland going up in flames.

Black Lightning and Thunder find Joe and try to stop his destruction. They prove to be a formidable match for Heatstroke, and Jace implores Tobias to call him back because you can’t sell a dead meta. Eventually, Tobias agrees. Later, the two talk about the decision to retreat and she tries to convince Tobias that with her brain and his knack for survival, they would make a great team. He isn’t so sure and actually likes how possessive Cutter is. *sigh* Me thinks Dr. Jace isn’t long for this world.

Gambi brings Jennifer to the Lair to keep her out of the path of the fires, and for some reason decides to leave her there after saying that he knows where the pods are being held.

Lala finds where Tobias and his crew are hiding and is greeted by Cutter and several of her knives. He’s hurt, but very much not dead, when Cutter grabs the briefcase and runs to tell Tobias someone is looking for him and that someone won’t die.

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Back at the lab and in a shocking gesture of kindness, Odell lets Lynn know that her neighborhood is safe from the fires. He also drops a super weird “oh wow Black Lightning and Thunder sure are great aren’t they?!” in an attempt to play some kind of mind game with dear Lynn, and I for one DO NOT LIKE IT.

Gambi watches Tobias, Cutter, and Jace flee the building but he also sees something else. It’s Jennifer. Flying. In her suit. Her suit that isn’t ready yet. She doesn’t get very far before bursting into flames. She yells toward Tobias and then collapses in the middle of the street, leaving us to worry about her fate for a full ass week!

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What do you think the finale will bring us? Will Anissa finally find Grace and tell her the truth? Will we get to see Jennifer in a fully functional suit? Will Lynn figure out what Odell is up to?


Let me know your thoughts on this episode as well as any finale predictions in the comments below!

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW and is available Wednesdays on Netflix in Canada.