Black Lightning Recap: On the Run

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Readers, I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach my recap this week, because not a whole lot happened minus Jennifer and Khalil doing their best Jay-Z and Beyoncé On The Run impression, and Anissa and Jeff going at it over whose fault it is that Jennifer actually ran away. There were some stand out moments though, thanks to China Anne McClain’s master performance, so without further ado, let’s dive in!  

Previously on Black Lightning, Jen got control of her powers and ran away with Khalil! Lynn started spiraling because of the Pod Kids! Gambi faked his death!

This week starts out soon after we left Jen and Khalil last week when they decided to throw inhibition to the wind and get the heck out of dodge. Except they didn’t make it very far before realizing they had no money, no supplies, and no plan, so Khalil makes a stop at Club 100 to attempt to at least secure some money. Much to his surprise, The 100 members did not fall for his “Tobias changed pickup day to today!” line, because Tobias put a bounty on Khalil’s head. A fight ensues and that turns into a gunfight.

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Jennifer hears what’s going on and decides to help. This is the first of many times this episode Jennifer saves Khalil’s entire ass. She uses her powers to send a fireball toward the powerline, which causes the crew the retreat. Khalil joins Jen in the car and they drive away.

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Down in the Lightning Lair, Lynn is oh so happy to see that Gambi is alive, but Anissa is…well, she’s pissed. I was really glad to see not every member of the Pierce family giving Gambi a pass for faking his death. They went through emotional hell when they thought he was dead, and Anissa was not about to let him off without letting him know exactly that. They’ve enlisted Gambi to track Jennifer, and Anissa reveals that she thinks she’s with Khalil because of a text Jen received when they were together a few days earlier. And thus begins the “It’s Your Fault Jennifer Left” game. Jeff immediately tells Anissa that she should have told them about the text when it happened, but Anissa stands her ground and tells her father that she talked to Jennifer and didn’t think anything would happen. The group splits up with a plan to call Jennifer’s friends to see if they know anything.

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Meanwhile, Henderson puts out an APB on Jennifer. Later, one of his officers informs him that thanks to that APB, they’ve found a dead body that matches Jen’s description. Luckily, it turns out not to be her.

While the Freeland Police Department is searching for Jen, Black Lightning decides to hit the streets himself. Memories of him and his daughter run through his head as he sees a duo in a car matching the one Khalil drove off in. But nope! It was just two people whose hair and profiles looked exactly like Jen and Khalil! Silly, Jeff!

Back to our runaways where Jen is chewing Khalil out for stopping at Club 100. Khalil whines about not wanting Jen involved, but she reminds him that it was thanks to her powers he was able to escape, so she’s hella involved. And thank goddess for that, because Khalil has made zero plans for their escape. The two decide to switch cars, find one in an abandoned car lot, and Khalil successfully hot wires it. LOL just kidding! Jen saves his ass AGAIN and uses her powers to get the car going. Before they go though, Jen asks Khalil to call her parents so they know she’s safe and Khalil is not having it. He screams at her and says that he’s not going back to Tobias and the shit that he put him through. Jen looks like she’s about to explode, but they head to stay with Khalil’s aunt, who lives on the edge of town.

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Anissa hasn’t had any luck contacting Jen’s friends, but Gambi thinks he might have a lead because of the video footage of someone or something sending a fireball into the sky outside of Club 100. Anissa knows this was her sister, and goes to suit up as Thunder.

Tobias is hiding in Khalil’s mom’s house when she gets home, but apparently has some morals, because he refuses to bring any harm to mothers. Nichelle stands her ground though and tells Tobias that even if she knew where Khalil was, he would have to kill her because she wouldn’t tell him.

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Khalil and Jen have made it to his auntie’s house and y’all, I love her so much! She is the perfect combination of every single Black auntie I’ve ever met. Before she lets them in, she double and triple checks that Jen is okay and that Khalil hasn’t actually kidnapped her like the news has been saying. Once they’re in the house, Jen drops her polite demeanor and makes sure Khalil knows that if he EVER talks to her like that again, Tobias is the last person he’ll need to worry about. I love this about Jennifer. Since the beginning of the show, she has never let anyone walk all over her. I think that’s why she’s had such a hard time with her parents keeping her on lockdown. She knows her value, and being made to hide away like some kind of prisoner goes completely against everything she knows to be true about herself. Khalil knew he was wrong for snapping at Jen, and gives her a burner phone to call her parents.

Black Lightning and Thunder decide to pay a visit to Club 100 to get more information on where Jen and Khalil may have gone. The first informant doesn’t snitch and that earns him a quick beat down by Thunder. The next dude doesn’t make the same mistake and tells them exactly where Jen and Khalil went. As Black Lightning and Thunder start to leave, Jen calls, but doesn’t stay on the phone long enough for Gambi to get her location. Clever girl.

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Back at the Lightning Lair, Anissa follows up on her annoyance with Gambi from earlier. He always has some secret that he just has to keep from them because he thinks it’s what’s best. Anissa is tired of men making decisions that affect her, under the guise of protection. Before leaving though, Anissa does thank Gambi for protecting them in the woods.

Oh Lynn, my sweet sweet Lynn. It’s easy to forget that the events of the last few weeks IRL, have actually taken place over a few days in show time, and Lynn has been THROUGH it. She just lost half of the Pod Kids, and now, her daughter’s run away. It’s too much for her to handle. After downing some scotch (atta girl), she goes up to Jennifer’s room and tears it apart. At first I think she’s looking for any clue of where Jen might have gone, but soon, she’s just trying to feel close to her daughter.

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The writers must have heard my plea, because Jen is cutting off those god-awful locks in an attempt to hide his identity. While she’s cutting, she notices a spot in the back of Khalil’s head. From the moment I saw it, I thought to myself, “Self, I bet there’s some sort of tracking device in his head. But then self, why would Tobias need to send people after Khalil?!” Before we get any answers about that lump, Khalil makes the ridiculous suggestion that they cut Jen’s hair next because it’s “just a weave.” LOL boy, please.

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And also, Tobias is playing chess alone while talking to an insane painting of his dead sister, Tori.

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Back at the Pierce house, Anissa is surveying the damage Lynn caused, when her father comes up to talk. And of course by “talk”, I mean, continue to blame his older daughter for his younger daughter running away. *insert brakes screech here* Hold. the. Phone. Sir. Now, I get it. His daughter is gone. He’s losing control and grasping at any thought that might lead to her coming home. Any thought that will place the blame anywhere but on himself. You see, I don’t think Jefferson truly believes this is Anissa’s fault. Somewhere deep down, he knows that he’s been controlling his daughters in the name of protection. I think he just hoped they would take him at his word. But the downside of Jefferson raising such strong daughters, is that they feel empowered enough to question him when they disagree. And this is one of those scenarios. Anissa was not about to sit back and let her father point the finger at her. She tells him the things he didn’t want to believe; that Jen felt like a prisoner in her own house. That Jefferson ended up driving both of his daughters away.

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OH HELLO VERY ATTRACTIVE LADY WITH A SEPTUM PIERCING AND DOG COLLAR WHO MAY I ASK, ARE YOU?! Ahem. Sorry. Lost myself there for a minute. I was right! There is a tracker in Khalil’s head. And apparently Tobias can’t go after him because he’s supposed to be an upstanding citizen or whatever. This lovely lady, who we later learn is named Cutter, has been hired to go after Khalil.

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I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to like Cutter but, I have eyeballs, so. Cutter goes to Khalil’s aunt’s house pretending to be a detective, but Auntie is like, Bitch, please. Cutter fights Khalil and Jen until Black Lightning and Thunder show up to help them. Jen and Khalil manage to sneak out into the woods and OMG HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS IN THE WOODS?! The two figure out there’s a tracker, and Jen uses her powers to short circuit it.

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Cutter heads into the woods (to grandmother’s houseeee!) but she can’t find Khalil or Jen. She calls Tobias and yells at him for throwing her into a situation where she had to fight two metas. Tobias has no idea what she’s talking about, until he starts to put together that there must be some connection between Black Lightning and “the Pierce girl.” And that’s where we leave this episode.

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Next week is the midseason finale, and I really hope we see some more development with Anissa and Grace. I love that we’re getting to see Jennifer grow into her powers, but I wish it didn’t come hand in hand with whatever it is Khalil is going through. I also hope we get to see some more of Cutter because well, I like her face.


What did you all think of this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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