Bitten’s Laura Vandervoort on the New Man in Elena’s Life

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If you tuned into the Season 3 premiere of Bitten then by now you’ve seen what actress Laura Vandervoort refers to as “my Darth Vader moment.” Elena, and viewers alike, were caught off guard as she was introduced to her father, Sasha Antonov (John Ralston), as well as her brother and sister in the closing minutes of the episode. The revelation was a total surprise to the lone female werewolf and is something Vandervoort promises will change the game in a big way this season. Meanwhile, Pack Alpha Jeremy’s (Greg Bryk) leadership tactics are causing Elena to question how he is going about uniting all the wolves and mutts in North America.

The TV Junkies recently caught up with Vandervoort for an exclusive chat about what learning about her father will mean for Elena moving forward, as well as the growing tension between Elena and Jeremy.

The TV Junkies: After getting along with Jeremy pretty well in Season 2 it seems like Elena is going to be at odds with his plans to unite all the wolves and mutts of North America. How will that tension continue to grow and what’s their relationship look like this season?

Laura Vandervoort: Elena is still dealing with the premonition from the finale last season and what it truly means. She’s not sharing that with anybody at the moment, and keeping that secret causes some tension because Jeremy can tell that she’s acting strange and off. That’s the initial moment where tension begins between the two of them.

When her father arrives, that throws a new wrench into their entire relationship. She’s questioning how he’s leading The Pack. He’s definitely changed his message and becoming more like his father, he’s more bloodthirsty and not seeing straight. He’s not as calculated as he used to be and that’s troublesome to her. So she’s at odds with that, as well as keeping this dark secret of the premonition that she might tear it all to ground, tear this home down and tear The Pack apart.

That’s a lot for her to handle and have on her plate. It also gets in the way of her relationship with Clay (Greyston Holt) because if she’s at odds with Jeremy–who in every sense is like his father–that’s going to cause trouble for them.

TTVJ: Daegan [Fryklind, showrunner] has said there’s going to be a lot of Pack politics going on with the Spanish and Russian Pack leaders showing up this season. Will Elena find herself heavily involved in that?

LV: For sure. There are new Packs coming into the fold and she does have to back up her Alpha, but at the same time she’s questioning his leadership. That’s hard for her. She does get intimately involved with the politics surrounding all the Packs throughout the world. She has to step up as a bit of a leader with these new Packs who are coming out of the woods, so to say, and she’s taking on a new role this year.

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TTVJ: Elena meets her father and family at the end of the premiere. What will that mean for her going forward?

LV: That’s a huge blow to not only her ego, but to everything she’s ever thought to be true to herself. Like anyone who has suddenly had someone show up in their lives saying ‘I am your father and here’s the proof,’ she’s always assumed her parents were her parents. She knew that she was adopted, but as far as she knew that was it. To have Sasha show up and have siblings as well, and tell her stories about her mother and the fact that she’s possibly related to someone else in another Pack, just completely brings a new sense of drama to the show. New family members from different bloodlines throw her loyalty to Jeremy out the window.

It’s an insane season. Everyone is related in a certain way and it’s like finding all these skeletons in your closet and people that you have hated your whole life, you find out are related to you.

TTVJ: Since we saw that Elena has a sister, does this mean there’s a possibility that she’s not the only female werewolf?

LV: I think it’s safe to say that Elena has been the only female werewolf to survive the change.

TTVJ: The season begins with Elena talking to Paige (Tommie-Amber Pirie) about the premonition. What role will the witches play this year?

LV: We do focus more on The Pack this season and their close-knit relationships because that’s really where the heart of the show is. Last year we were lucky to bring in the witches and have a whole supernatural aspect to the show. I think this year you’re going to see us more focused within The Pack and the growing number of Pack members.

TTVJ: Were you all aware that this was going to be the final season while shooting and if so, what was that like?

LV: I think we always just need to keep the door open, no matter what you do or don’t know or believe might happen. We always take every episode as if it’s going to go on forever and we put our best work forward. We all truly all love one another and enjoy working together.

I’m really proud of this season and the fact that our fanbase has grown immensely from our first season premiere. The fact that we were able to make fans of the novels happy, and create new fans who have gone back to the novels, is really where the focus is. We are just excited to see the amount of fans that we have for the show and the fact that they are creating their own hashtag, that support means everything to us.


Were you surprised to meet Elena’s father? What do you think will happen now that he’s appeared? Add your predictions for Season 3 to the comments below!

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