Bitten Preview: Should Elena come clean to Jeremy?

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Now that Elena (Laura Vandervoort) is aware that she has a family on Bitten, the question becomes just how far she is willing to go to keep them safe. In the next new episode “Right Behind You,” airing Friday at 10 p.m. ET on Space Channel and Monday at 11 p.m. ET on SyFy, Elena must move beyond simply adjusting to the knowledge that her father Sasha (John Ralston) is not only alive, but has returned for her. Meanwhile, those questions she’s been having about Jeremy’s (Greg Bryk) leadership methods will soon intersect and cause problems for her family as the Russian Alpha is on a quest to kill Sasha.

In the episode, written by Wil Zmak and directed by James Dunnison, Elena will end up coming to Jeremy for help with the Russian Alpha. Will he be there for her as more of Roman’s soldiers descend upon Bear Valley? We’ve got a few hints that we can drop for fans eager to know the answer to those questions. Take a look at what’s to come from the next all new episode of Bitten below.

An old face in a new role

With all the new wolves and mutts we’ve been introduced to so far this season it’s nice to see a familiar face return to town this week. However, while this person is back, turns out it’s not in the same role we’ve seen them have in the past. Will they cause trouble for The Pack? As always, Jeremy seems overly cautious.

Jeremy questions Clay

Jeremy has started to notice Elena’s odd behavior–her recent questions and concerns, and he wants to know what’s going on with her. Who better to question about Elena than Clay (Greyston Holt)? This of course puts Clay in a very tough position and the real question for now is whether or not he be able to keep the truth secretive from the pressure of his father-figure’s line of questioning?

Can’t we all just get along?

Despite the fact that Jeremy realizes how much Elena doesn’t like the Russian Alpha, he reminds Clay how important it is for everyone to just get along for the moment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Jeremy trusts him, but he does want everyone in The Pack to lay low for the moment and not start any kind of trouble for the time being.

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Should Elena tell?

As alluded to before, Clay is in a very difficult spot between Elena and his Alpha, Jeremy. He tells Elena as much and that it’s not a spot he wants to be in for long. If Clay had his way she’d come clean about everything and get it all out in the open, but Elena isn’t so sure that with Jeremy’s recent behavior it’d be the best course of action. What will she do, especially when Jeremy shares with her how much her perspective on things means to him.

What is Roman planning?

Jeremy and Nick (Steve Lund) discover that Roman may be hiding things from them and planning something behind their backs. Jeremy tells Nick to find out what that may be. Meanwhile, Roman, who knows the witch saw Elena and Sasha together, has suspicions of his own that Jeremy may be protecting Antonov. The Russian also has major trust issues when it comes to dealings with the American Pack. We only know one thing for certain and that’s the surely all this secret keeping will only lead to trouble.


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Bitten airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Space and on Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on SyFy.

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