Big Brother Canada: Sindy Nguyen on her Campaigning Regrets

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Global TV
Another veteran player bites the dust in Big Brother Canada. Season 3’s Sindy Nguyen walked out the back door on Thursday night’s eviction episode, after former target Demetres pulled himself off the block in the knick of time.

After Neda’s shocking double eviction exit, the house was left reeling in a nail-biting Head of Household competition. Needing to see his family, Dillon made a deal with Bruno, Dre and William to keep them safe. Following through on his word, he put Demetres and Jackie on the block. However, after Demetres pulled through with the Power of Veto, Dillon placed Sindy next to Jackie for nominating him the previous week.

We spoke with Sindy about what led to her eviction, her campaigning woes, and how she really feels about reuniting with Neda so soon after sending her out the door.

The TV Junkies: Why do you think you couldn’t get the votes to stay over Jackie?

Sindy Nguyen: I campaigned a different way than I wanted to. Once I knew I was the replacement nom, my plan was to go to Ika and Demetres directly and see if I could get the votes from there. I also was spending a little more time with Bruno in the last couple of days and he got in my head in saying, “they’re definitely with Dre and William, she’s probably the reason you’re on the block and threw you under the bus.” So I campaigned more to Dre and William. The day of the eviction I stayed campaigning only to Ika and Demetres, and even in their eyes and the words they were saying, they wanted to keep me but at this point it was too late. They didn’t want to blindside Dre, William, Dillon and Karen. I feel that if I had done what I originally wanted to do, or at least had done it the night before, I would have had the votes. Maybe campaigning on the last day isn’t the best idea.

TTVJ: Do you think things would have turned out differently if Neda hadn’t left the week before?

SN: No, I don’t think so. I think I recovered pretty well from the Neda backdoor situation. No one seemed to be blaming me for it, everyone said it needed to be done. It was fine. It just got to the point where I was on the block moreso for the reason that my allies Kevin and Bruno pushed so hard for Ika and they were so close to Dillon before, and Dillon felt betrayed by them. He figured he should do the opposite of what they want. When Ika campaigned for herself, it was more like a “go with your gut” kind of thing and not push for a person. That was more my downfall in those last four days than the double eviction.

TTVJ: You did a great job at laying low for most of the season, but when walking out the door you talked about how you should have been a backstabber. Do you actually think being cutthroat is a smart way to play?

SN: The only reason I pointed that out is because the entire time I was last minute campaigning, most of their reasoning for why they couldn’t keep me was they were afraid I was going to go back to Kevin and Bruno. I kept on saying, “name a time where I said something and went back on it.” I hadn’t. While the person on the block beside me made promises to them and went against them. So, if I didn’t do anything to make you distrust me, why are you distrusting me, when the person beside me who did do those things is staying?

I wanted to make those points before jury so I could make it clear, and make them feel a bit guilty that they made the wrong decision to keep Jackie. I personally do like Jackie, but I just used their words against her at that moment. I don’t think Jackie is a backstabber or a fake person.

Global TV
Global TV

TTVJ: Is there anyone in the house right now who does have the role as backstabber?

SN: At this point… Dre. Only because she was the swing vote that I needed for both sides to campaign to. When I asked her to vote with me, Kevin and Bruno, she wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Every objection she had I had a rebuttle, and even when I asked her biggest concern about me staying she couldn’t really say it. She was the one who called out Jackie and said all these things about how much she disliked her, but was willing to keep her. When I went to Ika and Demetres, who were willing to keep me, they were afraid Dre wouldn’t give me that vote. Every time I had those conversations with Dre, it was very hard for her to hide her smile. That was a bit shady for me to see that. In the last four days when I was campaigning to her, when she knew she was the one with the fate of my life in her hands, I definitely saw a different side to her.

TTVJ: Who do you think is most at risk of being nominated next week?

SN: I think the rest of the vets are. There will be a rivalry in a sense of Ika and Demetres vs. Kevin and Bruno, while the other five newbies are just sitting there safely. Because there’s less and less people, anything could happen. Literally one person could flip something up and a big fight happens.

TTVJ: How are you feeling about spending the next week with Neda in the jury house?

SN: Well, spending my week with Neda will be great. How I’m feeling about seeing her is a different story because I don’t know what to say or how to even start the conversation. Maybe that’s the most awkward part. I know that I’m going to have a great rest of the time in jury once we’ve had the time to go over that.


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