Big Brother Canada’s Dillon Carman talks Mental Health and that Emotional Reunion

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Global TV

We’re now only days away from the Big Brother Canada Season 5 finale, with four contenders remaining. This last week saw another stunning reversal as Kevin nabbed the title of Head of Household to save himself from an inevitable eviction, and quickly targeted his biggest threats: Ika and Demetres.

However, in what may be one of the most head-scratching decisions in Big Brother Canada history, after winning the veto and taking all the power for the week, Kevin pulled Ika from the block, putting up former ally Dillon in her place. While it may have been a bid to ensure Demetres went home, the plan ultimately backfired, and Dillon was sent walking out the door in a 2-0 vote.

It was also a week of Big Brother Canada producers torturing the houseguests, with fake punishments leading to real emotional breakdowns, and making Dillon stay completely still as his mother walked through the front door. We spoke with Dillon about his reaction to seeing his mom again, why he made his last speech about mental health and who he wants to see in the final two.

The TV Junkies: Kevin had the chance to evict one of his two biggest threats, and somehow ended up sending his ally out the door. What went wrong?

Dillon Carman: I can’t answer that question. I don’t know what he was thinking other than he was going to get a big threat out of the house. I’m pretty sure he didn’t think Karen was gonna vote me out and he would’ve been the deciding vote as HoH. He had two chances in the game to get them out and he missed both shots, so hopefully they take him out next.

TTVJ: So you want Kevin to be the next person to go home?

DC: Yeah, I want to see him come to jury.

Global TV
Global TV

TTVJ: Why do you think Karen voted to keep Demetres safe? Will she benefit from it?

DC: I don’t think she will. The only benefit I can see is her getting to final three, but my plea to her was that I would take her to final two if we get there, and I know that neither of them will. I was a tough decision for her to make. It was a game move that she thought would benefit her game and it is what it is.

TTVJ: Big Brother Canada put you guys through the ringer emotionally this week, between Karen’s fake punishments and bringing in your mom. How did it feel to see her in person again after all this time?

DC: Honestly, I can’t express the emotion I felt when she walked through the door. It was overwhelming, and obviously you could see me break into tears and it was just something else. Although it was so tough, and I was crying, it was the best moment for me in the Big Brother Canada house to see my mom and my dog walk through the door. It was something else.

TTVJ: Yeah, I don’t care who you are, if you see your mom after so many months apart, you’re going to cry.

DC: Especially in that situation. You’re frozen on the stairs… you’re gonna cry.

TTVJ: Your final speech touched on the topic of mental health. What made you decide to talk about that?

DC: It’s something I’m passionate about. I wish there was more that I could do, so I figured why not take the time. Big Brother Canada is a huge stage to speak on. I feel like there’s such a bad stigma on talking about how you feel, or if you’re sad, almost like you’re judged immediately. I want that stigma to go away. It’s okay to feel down and it’s not your fault to be depressed. Things happen in life and you can’t always judge a book by its cover. You don’t know what’s going in their personal life, or what they’re going through, so my saying really is, “don’t be quick to judge, be quick to give a hug.” I wish more people would get behind that.

TTVJ: It was a pretty selfless move to use your last opportunity to save yourself as a platform to talk about such a big issue. Kudos to you.

DC: Thank you, I appreciate that. It should be a bigger issue, and a lot of people go through it in their everyday life. We need to respect that more and have a bit more empathy.

TTVJ: Back to the game, though, at this point do you think there’s anything stopping Ika and Demetres from getting final two?

DC: I really don’t and I hope there isn’t. They played a hell of a game and they complement each other so well in their strengths and weaknesses. They’ve played a good game, both physically and socially, and I hope they make it to final two.


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Big Brother Canada airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET, and the finale will air Thursday, May 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Global.