Big Brother Canada Host Arisa Cox on Season 6 Entering the Afterlife

Global TV
Global TV

Defying the odds once again, Big Brother Canada is back for a sixth season of drama, backstabbing, and all the twists Canada can handle.

Global pulled a twist of its very own after reviving Big Brother Canada from the brink of death. The reality hit was put on an indefinite hiatus following its fifth season, but after receiving immediate feedback from heartbroken fans, the decision was made to bring it back for Season 6. Among those thrilled about the return is long-time host Arisa Cox, who told The TV Junkies that the new season feels extra special this year, knowing it almost didn’t happen. “It took a lot of people working behind the scenes to [green-light Season 6], but none of that would have worked had the fans not felt that this was something they wanted to fight for,” says Cox. “That makes me feel that we have even more of a responsibility to do our best work.”

The show is flirting with life and death once again with this season’s theme of heaven and hell. Houseguests will arrive through heaven’s gates, only to descent into a hellish landscape as the game goes on. “I was blown away [when I saw it],” says Cox. “Pete Faragher is our production designer and him and his team work such miracles.”

One particular sore spot will be for the Have-Nots, whose living quarters are akin to a dungeon, with a tomb and eerie green liquid covering the floor. “That is going to be a rough one,” Cox admits. “But, you know what, when you really want to win the game, you’re going to withstand just about anything Big Brother can throw at you.”

There’s no question that the Season 6 cast will have an uphill battle on their hands, and not just because of the insane challenges and twists producers have up their sleeves. The new batch of houseguests will have to live up to the intense drama brought on by last season’s All-Star lineup. “All the stars aligned for some of the most interesting personalities on our show to be together and the game completely flipped on its side,” says Cox. “Nothing happened that I expected would happen.”

Global TV
Global TV

Similar to Season 4’s international players twist, Canada will have a hand in who enters the house this season. Until March 8 viewers can vote to give two “angels” or two “devils” to join the other 14 houseguests to shake things so. So what choice does Cox think Canada will make? Right now, she’s not so sure.

“If you’re at home, you want to see a fearless player,” she says. “You want to see someone mess with other people’s heads if they’re really good at it. So I’m really curious, I have no idea who’s going to make it into the house, but I love all four of these gate crashers. Whoever goes in, I’m here for it.”

Heading into the premiere episode, Cox says there’s a lot of excitement among both the cast and crew to deliver an amazing season for devoted viewers. For her personally, it’s all about getting to see the houseguests enter the house for the first time. “I’m excited for the stars in people’s eyes and seeing if they’re nervous or not nervous, who they talk to first and who they are attracted to first,” she says. “That first episode is the big one. You set the tone for the whole season.”

Of course, it’s after the houseguests enter the house and compete in that first Head of Household competition that things really heat up. For Cox, what she loves about a really good season of Big Brother Canada are the surprises. “When things are going smoothly and everyone knows what to do and everyone picks the house target and everyone goes along with it? That, to me, is not exciting Big Brother,” says Cox. “Exciting Big Brother is watching somebody whose back is against the wall find a way to get out of the jam they’re in and change their fate. I’m really excited to see a lot of that this season.”


Do you think Big Brother Canada will deliver another season of twists and drama this year? What are your thoughts on the heaven and hell theme? Sound off in the comments below.

Big Brother Canada premieres Wednesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. ET on Global. New episodes air Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET, and Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.