Berserk Teen Wolf finale puzzles


It’s been a frustrating fourth season of Teen Wolf for me. Coming up so quickly after the high of Dylan O’Brien’s nogitsune in Season 3B, I was expecting quite a bit from Jeff Davis in Season 4. And at first it felt like that’s where things might go, with a slight detour in Mexico that raised a bunch of questions I wasn’t as interested in as a mouthless murderer or the wendigo back in Beacon Hills—unfortunately, neither was to become a mainstay.

Because part of the struggle was getting used to all the new faces in Beacon Hills—Malia and Kira reasonably left over from Season 3, and Parrish, Liam and Mason. And while I’m totally a fan of Mason after his baseball bat charge in Monday’s finale, I’m still not sold on Liam. Especially when he went very quickly from competition to Scott’s new focus in life. Maybe I’m just not into throwing besties overboard at the sign of the next young pup, but I really felt like if anyone would be getting through to Scott’s Berserker it would be the one person who’s always managed to pull him back from the brink and one half of the friendship that gave Teen Wolf its spark.

It was just one of a series of questions Season 4’s finale left me with, and not the kind that set up the next season (which will hopefully be about Desert Wolf now that everyone is looking for her). Derek somehow went from being dead to being a highly evolved Hemlock Grove-style wolf like his momma, which at least has a precedent if no explanation. Meanwhile, what glowing chemical did Argent shoot into his sister—and given his new deal with the Calaveras are we ever going to be seeing our bearded Canuck on the show again? Still, at least that throw down gave some of Kate’s rage a decent backstory and also gave us a couple of minutes of someone grieving for Allison, however briefly.

And I’ll admit, without wanting Scott to kill someone since that would spoil his true alpha rep, I kind of wanted his fight with Peter to go further. Instead of diving into increasingly arcane (and complicated) mythologies, it would be pretty cool if the show had to deal with a human Scott for the first time since the show’s debut. Also, with the amount of head swirls Ian Bohen was doing, he was one rabid dog I think the show could have justified putting down. Knowing Peter, and knowing Teen Wolf, he’s probably going to break out from Eichen House even crazier than the first time and despite his slight hesitation over Derek’s “death” he’s never quite redeemed himself. And while he was at one point my favourite baddie to love to hate, he’s been relegated to V-necks and cheesy one liners for far too long.

But at least the episode finally gave us some Stiles and Derek sass after making us wait a whole season—and we finally acknowledged that Derek’s “powerful talisman of self-control” and its accompanying mantra haven’t worked for anyone since Season 1. And Parrish was looking fine in his action-gear (way better than his deputy uniform), hopefully paving the way for more of him in the future as he and Lydia figure out what our favourite pyrotechnic police officer is.

In fact, plenty of Season 4 seemed to feel like the set up for something bigger, which gives me more hope for Season 5 than I was initially feeling as I watched this finale. And if things do focus on the Desert Wolf and exploring the threads currently dangling from Stiles’ wall, then maybe I’ll feel slightly less confused about the season I just sat through.

Wolf out:

  • “I don’t feel like driving all the way down to Mexico to have you rip my throat out.” –Stiles
  • “I’m worried about everyone.” As Stiles would say, progress.
  • Liam: “I thought I was going to tear you two apart.” Stiles: “That would have made for an awkward ride home.”
  • Coach: “I believe you.” Liam: “Really?” Coach: “No.”
  • Did anyone else get giddy when Malia was included in the Stilinski group hug?
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