Bellevue: Adrienne Mitchell and Jane Maggs Talk “The Problem With the Truth”


*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Bellevue episode “The Problem With the Truth” ***

Monday night’s Bellevue episode, “The Problem With the Truth,” was a HUGE episode for the tremendously suspenseful CBC series. While viewers have seen Annie (Anna Paquin) work through her issues with Eddie (Allen Leech) before, this week’s episode took their relationship to a dark place. Peter’s (Shawn Doyle) backstory was also featured and we got a glimpse at his affair with Mayor Mansfield, played ferociously by the incredibly talented Janine Theriault. Theriault completely stole the screen here for us and really brought the drama to Bellevue! 

We are still left with many theories and suspicions, but hopefully there are some answers coming our way in the final two episodes of Season 1! The TV Junkies chatted about everything related to this episode with Bellevue creators Jane Maggs and Adrienne Mitchell. Check out what they had to say about this insanely suspenseful episode below!


The TV Junkies: Now that Maggie (Victoria Sanchez) has overdosed will we still get to figure out how she is connected to this story of Sandy? Will we see her again?

Adrienne Mitchell: We are going to see her again in both Episodes 7 and 8, so we will follow up with her. We’re going to get a piece of information in Episode 8 that leads Annie to a very pertinent piece of information.

Jane Maggs: It affects her emotionally for sure and she has nowhere to go with this information. So that’s tricky and then we come back to it.

TTVJ: Eddie gave a speech about needing calm and not needing there to be pain and blood to feel love. Going forward how his relationship with Annie change? Will this change Annie’s perception of love?  

JM: She hears it. I think he’s speaking her worst fears in those moments because I think she always sort of thought at some point he’s going to get tired of this and he finally does. So that happens and it affects her greatly, and eventually through some other things that shake down in Episode 7, it sends her into a huge spiraling self-awareness that she has to face with him and it’s not just with him.


TTVJ: Briana (Amber Goldfarb) seems to really be taking the brunt of Annie’s anger. Will we see things ease up between the two of them?

AM: Yes, in Episode 8 you will see a very interesting reconnection. I can’t tell you too much without giving away spoilers [laughs] but yes, there will be a reconnection between the two of them that will change the relationship a bit.

TTVJ: The thing I like about Briana is that she really is this calm and stable person in Daisy’s (Madison Ferguson) life right now.

AM: Yes, there is some normalcy there and there is this sense of sometimes people just want to do this normal family stuff. I think Daisy is wanting to taste that stability that you’re talking about a bit.

JM: Whatever you don’t have kind of appears romantic. [Laughs] It’s just normal life like doing laundry and then relaxing.

TTVJ: I’m not sure Annie kissing Brady (Billy MacLellan) really helped anything, but I kind of love that they did because I love Brady. But it’s strange in a way because it’s siblings being with exes. Will Brady and Annie talk about what happened? Will something like that happen again?  

AM: There is a little bit of a debrief between them and that’s all I can say.

JM: But we love Brady too!


TTVJ: A really big thing happened this week with Mayor Mansfield, especially with the reveal that the affair was with Peter and not Annie’s father. Going forward, will the Mayor try to bury this? Will people find out about this? Will Peter feel more guilt about it?

JM: I think he feels a ton of guilt, and I think that she is a master at spinning things, and she will do her very best to try and do that. But we also have a dedicated, relentless detective in Annie who is going to try her best to not let that be buried.

TTVJ: What does this mean now for Bethany? Will she find out, I mean a lot of the drama around her best friends’ death is now going to circle back to her mother.

AM: Yes, she is changing and is almost seeing life in a new way. You’re going to see that more from Bethany, that she is trying to keep Jesse’s legacy going. So, when she does eventually understand the truth of all of that, depending on how things come out, it would affect her. Right now she’s really investing in the legacy of Jesse and feeling how it feels to embrace a side of yourself that you’re maybe frightened to express. That’s what she’s doing right now and that’s what we’re going to see developed further.


What did you think of Peter and Mayor Mansfield’s secret? How do you think Annie will handle all of this? Let us know in the comments!

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