Bellevue: Adrienne Mitchell and Jane Maggs Talk “The Man Behind the Curtain”


*** Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the Bellevue episode “The Man Behind the Curtain” ***

Whoomp, there it is! Jesse’s killer has been revealed and was absolutely mind blowing how Bellevue pulled off that brilliant showstopping move. No one could have known it was the wholesome, protective, and loyal partner, Brady (Billy MacLellan). During the investigation he showed no signs, but watching the scene between Jesse and Brady right before he killed her was tragic and emotional and explained why Brady did this.

During this revealing episode we also saw that Eddie mapped out a plan for Annie and Daisy to move away with him to another town and escape the dreary cloud that seems to follow them in Bellevue. Though his proposal was sincere, I’m not too sure if Annie is capable of putting the past behind her. We met the infamous Adam in this episode as well and got to see a little bit of what he was like growing up. With one episode left in the jaw-dropping CBC series, it’s safe to say this series surprised us at every turn and something tells me they aren’t done yet! The TV Junkies chatted about that shocking reveal, and Annie and Eddie’s relationship with Bellevue creators Jane Maggs and Adrienne Mitchell. Check out what they had to say about this crazy episode below!


The TV Junkies: I felt like Annie’s flashback with Adam proved to her that he is real and good in some way, and not a monster. His love for her was extremely intense! Will we have any more flashbacks of those two? Will we learn more about Adam in the finale?

Jane Maggs: We will definitely learn more about him.

Adrienne Mitchell: We will learn a lot more about his story and what happened. You’re going to learn that these cycles kind of repeat themselves. He had a scenario in which he was the half-brother and was in a family that he was not connecting to. The mother did not connect to him and he only had Annie and that’s his personal trauma. You’ll know more about this in Episode 8.


TTVJ: Why did you guys decide to have Annie tell Eddie about Adam?

JM: I think partly because it felt like it was going to, and it will eventually, raise the stakes around Eddie and with what he feels he needs to do in the final episode. He needed to have all of the information so that his decisions were really motivated, and also because we wanted to bring it back to the fact that he is her person. Through all of her problems, he’s the one who has known her since she was a kid and helped her through everything and so it felt right that he get the truth from her.

TTVJ: Their moment was really sweet, especially when Eddie said he wants to move away from all of this. I think he’s capable of picking up and moving, but is Annie capable of leaving her past behind?

AM: [Laughs] That’s the quintessential question. That’s in Episode 8 and that’s something you’ll understand and get a hit on that.

JM: That is her struggle.

AM: It will be a big struggle for her. Leaving that past behind, that is such a beautiful way of saying. That past in a strange way became a big part of her identity like for many people, but for her it’s such a source of pain and she’s reacted to that past in a way. In terms of her relationships and her relationship with Eddie, any intimate relationships she has it’s that time in her life when her father committed suicide – that sense of abandonment. Also, almost double abandonment when the Riddler was posing as her dad and then that person disappeared. She’s had this feeling that people need to leave, or that people will eventually leave her, and so that’s why she’s trying to reach out to Eddie. She’s really trying to work that through with him and talk about the nature of her love and this love that she has, she pushes people and she needs them to express a kind of obsessive love back to her so she feels somewhat normal. But it’s all so dysfunctional.

JM: It’s like she’s in a constant state of testing people’s love for her. Pushing them as far as she can to see if they’ll prove themselves over and over. Which gets tiring after a while, you’re on the other end of it.

TTVJ: Do you think this whole process of revisiting Sandy’s murder and the whole thing with Adam will make Annie question her memory and relationship with her father? In a lot of ways, I feel like she really didn’t know who he really was or what he left behind.

JM: Yeah, I think it definitely does. The more she learns about Adam the more it does and will. It helps her understand herself a little as well because a lot of her issues around her father’s death really have shaped her. The more she understands her father’s death and her brother it all sort of fills in the blanks and allows her to have her own idea of what happened.

AM: In Episode 8 she’ll get the most clear understanding of her father’s role in investigating Sandy and the suicide and what really, really motivated that suicide. Because we still don’t really know that yet. We’ll get that really crystal clear in Episode 8 and that’s going to really shape her and give her a dose of truth that’s very hard to take, but at least it’s something that is the truth that she can hang on to.

TTVJ: Will we see Peter interact with Adam again?

JM: We will understand more of what their conversation at the church was in Episode 8.

TTVJ: Will we see Mayor Mansfield and Peter interact anymore?

AM: There will be a resolution to that in Episode 8. It will be sort of a culmination of their relationship and there is a sense of it going towards a particular direction. There is a completion of it in Episode 8.


TTVJ: How was it keeping the secret that Brady was this twisted guy who killed Jesse? I didn’t see it coming! Was that hard for you guys to keep, especially with so many people tweeting you about the show?

AM: Yeah, it’s pretty impossible to see it coming because I can’t even imagine that anyone could guess it. It just comes at you in a way that you don’t expect. What’s very interesting is that when we first brought the actors on board we only told Billy and Anna. It wasn’t until people got Episode 7 then that’s when the cast found out. It was kind of arranged because Billy didn’t want the cast in the scenes previous to Episode 7 to react to him any differently given what they knew of what was happening in Episode 7. It was quite the secret to keep and we had to do things with the executive team and production designers, everyone had to be quiet about that. It was definitely a challenge to do that. In terms of the tweeting now we just knew you’d never get it! [laughs] It’s fun to see what everyone’s thinking, but we were pretty confident that it would be something that people wouldn’t see.

TTVJ: How is Briana going to react to this news? Will we see her reaction?

AM: Yes, absolutely that’s in Episode 8. You will see her reaction to all of this as well as Annie’s because they did have a really good connection. What I love about Episode 7 is their connection in the car where they both understand each other in a strange way, where she understands that she’s been the recipient of this sort of strange love via Adam, so she understands the nature of that. Because of how he interacts with her and her father’s abandonment she seeks kind of an obsessive love and so she understands Brady in that strange moment. I love that connection between them, it’s really quite meaningful even though it’s very tragic. That’s why it’s even all the more devastating when you watch that scene to see that these people have this connection and yet, one of them is going to go down because obviously, he has to for what he did. The thing we’re looking at is how these cycles repeat and how this town creates this atmosphere of intolerance and that’s what Adam is trying to talk about a bit. These cycles are repeating themselves and there are dire consequences as a result. If you send out these toxic messages of intolerance you create a scenario where there are perpetrators and there are victims.

JM: Yeah, I think that’s what we were trying to explore in the church with the hockey coach and the priest. These are people who ultimately keep their hands clean of violence and they are kind of the bigger evil in a way because you can’t see them coming. They sort of present themselves as good and that they are upholding the town, but they make this town an impossible place for Jesse to live and thrive essentially.

TTVJ: Will we learn more about Adam in the finale and learn why he is the way he is?

AM: Oh yeah! Major screen time with him.

TTVJ: When you guys were developing, this show did you visualize the trajectory of it going in this direction. Did you map it out episode by episode, or did you know from the beginning that you wanted it to be Brady and that you wanted it to be revealed at the end of Episode 7?

JM: I think we knew that it was Brady from the pilot. The order of revelation, I think we went back and forth with that a lot with what is the revelation that is the end of the series and is Brady in 7 or in 8. It was something that we played with in terms of what ramps up into what. There were a number of different questions that we needed to answer and it was about when it made the most sense to answer them. We needed to deal with the Brady story in Episode 7 so that we could have time to understand more about it through the other revelations that we had to deal with in Episode 8.


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