Why Season 3 Has Baroness von Sketch Show Ready to Push the Envelope Further


If you thought the women of Baroness von Sketch Show went for it before, well they may have just been getting started. Season 3 of the sketch comedy series is now airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC and will premiere in November on IFC in the U.S. Exploring topics from contemporary culture, the success the show has had both internationally and at awards shows has afforded its stars some perks, when they are aware of it of course. One of those major perks is that the series, in which stars Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen also serve as writers and executive producers, has already been renewed for Season 4 by both CBC and IFC.

“We work on the show all year round so sometimes we don’t even realize it,” MacNeill tells The TV Junkies of the show’s success. She says “there’s pockets where we step outside and realize how well the show is doing, but most of the time we’re trying to write something or produce something.” Taylor adds that having success under their belt and now being three seasons in does allow them to “take some more chances” and makes it “easier to take departures and try different stuff.”

Every season is very different and we are exploring different subject matters and genres,” Taylor explains. She says that the format of the show will always be the same — with both long and short sketches — but that the season “is extremely political.” “There’s stuff I wanted to talk about in Season 1 but wanted to see how the show worked. Now in Season 3, we were ready to give it a try,” MacNeill adds. It’s not like the show has backed down in the past from have a very strong point of view, but MacNeill says there’s stuff in Season 3 that has her “excited and nervous” because “we’re just pushing it even further.”


As always, the Baroness ladies won’t be the only ones getting to play and go along for the ride. The show will see Janeane Garofalo guest star at one point this season and “Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black) comes back” says Taylor. In addition, Jon Dore and Gavin Crawford will also turn up in episodes this season.

Another prominent character, Toronto itself, won’t be going anywhere in Season 3. Baroness was still shot entirely on location and despite the show’s success in the States, MacNeill says they’ve never been asked to tone down the show’s more Canadian aspects. “IFC bought the show because they love it for what it is. They couldn’t be more supportive,” she says. In fact, “going in when we pitched the show and created it, we said ‘we’re not ashamed of living in Canada’ and didn’t hide the fact of what city we were in,” MacNeill explains.

While Season 3 is just premiering in Canada, and with their minds already turned to thinking about and working on Season 4, it’s a good thing the women say they are closer than ever before. “Whatever is happening in our lives we are all talking about and sharing,” says MacNeill. “While we were certainly friends before this, we now know way too much,” she jokes. Luckily for viewers, there’s a good chance that the good parts will soon make it into a sketch one day real soon!


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Baroness von Sketch Show airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC and will air in November on IFC in the U.S.

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