Into the Badlands Preview: “Carry Tiger to Mountain”

Aidan Monaghan/AMC
Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Are the tides changing in the Badlands? Has friendship taken a higher precedence than killing? Whether or not that trend continues on this week’s new episode of Into the Badlands, airing Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC, remains to be seen. When we last left off, we had met Baron Chau’s brother Gaius (Lewis Tan), who she had imprisoned for freeing cogs, and she sent him to take out Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay). Pilgrim and his gang had been causing trouble not only for Baron Chau, but also for the Widow (Emily Beecham). However, once confronted by Gaius, Pilgrim and the Widow found themselves teaming up.

Meanwhile, one of Pilgrim’s biggest assets, Nix (Ella-Rae Smith) came upon an injured M.K. (Aramis Knight). Could he be a new recruit for Pilgrim? We know for sure he’d find a way to put M.K.’s gift to use. Also, Sunny (Daniel Wu) and Bajie (Nick Frost) lost Henry and got him back while also making a deal with Nathaniel Moon (Sherman Augustus). In the end, Moon didn’t kill him, but he warned Sunny to not come back to the Badlands. Will he listen?

We here at The TV Junkies have been able to take a look at this week’s episode, “Carry Tiger to Mountain,” written by LaToya Morgan and directed by James Marshall, and are dropping a few teases about what goes down below.


So young, so innocent!

We know that the Widow wasn’t always in the powerful position that she currently finds herself. She has a pretty tortuous past and survived a lot to get where she is now. We also know that her past crossed paths with the Chaus and we’ll get a greater insight into that this week.

New alliances may form

How’s the old saying go? “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” right? It’s clear that the Widow’s enemy is Baron Chau (Eleanor Matsuura), but she’s not the only one who dislikes Chau. The Widow may find herself with a new ally in her fight against the baron this week.

Time is of the essence

Sunny and Bajie have been through a heck of a lot to get Henry to Vulture’s Peak and they aren’t stopping any time soon. That’s a good thing too because Henry’s condition doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and time is of the essence for him and Sunny. What and who will they find when they get there?

Aidan Monaghan/AMC
Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Ahead of the game

Pilgrim and Cressida (Lorraine Toussaint) clearly know that Baron Chau’s after them after last week’s attempted assault by Gaius. If the Baron thinks she’s fooling them for one second that she wasn’t behind the attack then she’s got another thing coming. Pilgrim and Cressida demonstrate to her and make a pretty persuasive point in showing that there’s no question here, they know what she’s up to and they want something in return.

Explain yourself, Nathaniel!

When Moon returns home to the Widow he has some explaining to do regarding why his routine check of the front lines took so long. She also notices something else that leads her to quickly realize that her new regent may not have dispatched of Sunny like he was supposed to. How will he explain this to her? Will she be OK with being as honorable towards Sunny as he was?

Pilgrim’s many gifts

Anyone else wondering why Nix (Ella-Rae Smith) and Castor (Dean-Charles Chapman) use their dark abilities to help out Pilgrim? We get a glimpse of the many powers Pilgrim may possess and how it affects the dark ones’ ability now that M.K. is in his camp. Will M.K. be willing to put his faith in Pilgrim and his many gifts?


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Into the Badlands airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.