Into the Badlands’ Ally Ioannides On How Tilda is Proving Herself in Season 2

Carlos Serrao/AMC
Carlos Serrao/AMC

It’s always good to know who has your back when times get rough and Tilda (Ally Ioannides) certainly proved once again that she’ll always be there to back The Widow (Emily Beecham). The young Butterfly has spent this season of Into the Badlands proving to her mother that she is worthy of being her Regent, despite reservations from Waldo (Stephen Lang), and saved the day at the recent Baron conclave. It’s a rescue that almost didn’t happen after The Widow ordered her to stay back, but thanks to a chat with Odessa (Maddison Jaizani), Tilda went against her mother’s wishes and showed up at the conclave just in time.

Will this recent rescue change the way The Widow views Tilda? Will it cause further tension in her already complicated relationship with Waldo? And what are we to make of Odessa? Can Tilda truly trust her? These are all questions we have moving forward in Season 2 of the AMC drama. To get some of the answers we are seeking, The TV Junkies recently spoke exclusively with Ioannides about Tilda’s motivations for showing up and what it means going forward, especially on a show where there’s so many complex and fierce women. She also revealed why she’s just as big of a fan of the complicated and beautiful fight sequences the show does as the rest of us.


The TV Junkies: I’ve seen some of the videos of the training you guys have to do for the fight scenes. How hard are those and did you have any kind of experience with martial arts before you got cast?

Ally Ioannides: No, I did a little bit of dance and that was good enough for them. That first training camp was such a shock and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ve never sweat so much. I had four stairs in my apartment and I actually couldn’t walk up those stairs. I’d literally bend down and crawl up them. It was such an amazing experience though to get to do that and learn from people who are so seasoned. It was such a treat to see them work and so inspiring and stimulating every day. It’s something I really carry with me.

TTVJ: The fights never cease to amaze me. It’s something you expect to see in movies, but not on TV and every week I’m surprised at what you guys are able to pull off.

AI: Me too! Every time I’m on set I’m completely blown away with Andy [Cheng, fight director] and our whole fight team. It’s very exciting.

TTVJ: And you at least get out of having to fight in The Widow’s crazy stiletto heels like Emily.

AI: Emily is such a champ. All of us do a lot of our own stunts, including Emily in those heels, and she not only does it, but it looks good. I can’t wear heels. It’s incredible what she can do out in the cold, in a corset and in heels.

Antony Platt/AMC
Antony Platt/AMC

TTVJ: Tilda and the Widow have quite the complicated mother/daughter relationship. Where do things stand with them now that Tilda saved her at the Baron conclave?

AI: That was really exciting, obviously for Waldo and The Widow because their lives were saved, but also for Tilda. She proved herself, not only to The Widow and Waldo, but to herself. She’s in a position where she has a lot of self doubt and a lot riding on her shoulders, given her responsibilities being a Regent. She has a lot of people telling her what to do, so for something to work out and her be able to save the day was really important for her self-esteem. It was also important for The Widow and hopefully she sees that Tilda is a smart gal, resourceful and she has her back.

TTVJ: What pushed Tilda to show up at the conclave? Was it that conversation with Odessa?

AI: That was when the light bulb went off. Odessa is really interesting and does a lot of things that Tilda wishes she could do. It’s really exciting for Tilda to be around Odessa and see her break rules and do whatever she wants so easily. It’s effortless and for Tilda it’s not because she has to really think about things. For her to see that opportunity open up, she just grabbed it and followed her gut and it paid off.

It’s nice that in Season 2 Tilda gets to interact with all different people and has Odessa to talk to and bounce ideas off, explore things and figure out who she is with someone else who is around her age and in a similar situation.

TTVJ: I’m not sure yet whether or not Tilda should be trusting Odessa, and she made a comment that she won’t be training her, but can you preview what we will see out of their relationship moving forward?

AI: Odessa is a very strong-willed person who knows what she wants. She’s self sufficient and has had to think of herself first to survive. She definitely has her own agenda and puts herself first. We’ve seen Tilda fall for M.K. (Aramis Knight) and we know that Tilda gets swooped up in things. It’s going to be interesting to see where that goes.

TTVJ: Another complicated relationship Tilda is managing is the one she has with Waldo, especially since she showed him up at the conclave. Will that tension continue between the two of them going forward?

AI: We’ve already seen a little tension with Waldo telling Tilda how to be a Regent, but she has her own ideas. That’s what I love about that relationship because obviously Waldo is her superior, he was Regent, he’s older and wiser and has literally a million different tools in his wheelchair he can use. But Tilda doesn’t seem to think that he’s so above her. She thinks her ideas matter too which I think is really fun and cool. That makes for that jokey dynamic between them because they both think they are the best and the smartest, but Tilda proved him wrong and she was right. I know he has a lot of cool things in his wheelchair and a lot of experience, but Tilda saved his life so he’s going to have to deal with that. It was always fun on set because Lang and I would go back and forth on who was winning The Widow’s affections. It’s fake but we were so competitive about the whole thing. [laughs]

TTVJ: Anything else we should know about what’s to come in Season 2?

AI: Quinn (Marton Csokas) did come and save The Widow which is really interesting. All the other barons are against The Widow and Quinn so who knows? A lot is going to happen!


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Into the Badlands Season 2 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC. Season 1 is available on Netflix.