Ask Amber: Younger, Agent Carter and more

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Hi Amber, you usually know things I don’t and I can’t find the answer to a question I’ve been trying to Google. I was just searching on my guide for the upcoming new show Younger, starring Sutton Foster, but my search came up empty. I know it debuted in the States on TVLand on March 31 but does it have a Canadian broadcaster yet? – Ally

Amber: I’m actually way more pumped for this series than I think I should be, because in addition to the Bunheads star, it also stars Hilary Duff and Debi Mazar (Entourage). Quickly, the premise is pretty simple–a 40-year-old single mom attempts to get her grove back in the working world, and quickly finds that she can’t get anything starting at the bottom because of her age. So with a makeover and a new attitude, she passes herself off as 26. (If only that were a thing, right?) Anyhow, the series will definitely come to Canada and you wrote just in time to catch the premiere. It kicks of Tuesday, April 7 at 8 p.m. ET on M3 with back-to-back episodes. For those keeping track, that will put Episode 3 right on par with the U.S. broadcast.

Hi Amber, glad to see you are writing your column again. Will Going Clear be broadcast in Canada? Also is Under the Dome coming back? Thank you – Warren

Amber: Unfortunately, it looks as though HBO Canada has either passed or couldn’t secure the broadcast rights to the documentary. There has been some speculation that it has to do with Canada’s libel laws and scientology’s litigious nature, especially since the book on which it’s based isn’t available in Canada either. There will be ways to see the film–especially if you live in a city where independent film festivals air. It’s screening in May at the Toronto TIFF Lightbox, for example. Keep your eyes peeled in your respective cities if you want to see it for yourself.

As for Under the Dome? Is has indeed been renewed (along with Extant) on CBS. Expect them both to air this summer.

Amber: Agent Carter was originally intended as a one-off gap series (to air between the winter finale and spring premiere of Agents of SHIELD), but there was always an understanding that if the show did well it could come back. No one wants to let go of a winning pony, right? However ratings weren’t as high as ABC expected given the money thrown into the project, and the chances of Carter returning for a second season are starting to look slim. Of course nothing official has been announced just yet–ABC has been slow to announce any renewals this year. We’re still waiting on whether Castle will return for Season 8 and technically, the network hasn’t renewed How to Get Away With Murder either. (Although thanks to a promo in the Season 1 finale, we’re fairly certain it’s coming back.) Looks like we’ll have to wait until closer to the May upfronts to get the official word.


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