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The 100, Bodyguard of Lies
Cate Cameron/The CW

Hi Amber, just wondering if you have heard anything about whether or not The 100 will be coming back for a third season? – Matt

Amber: As my fellow TV Junkies scribe Bridget Liszewski will shout from the rooftops (she’s a huge fan), The CW has indeed ordered a third season of the apocalyptic survival drama. And good thing too, given all of the crap that went down towards the end of the season. I’m only slightly surprised at how much of a cult fan following the show has received in its first two seasons. Between its decent portrayal of LGBT characters, intense twists and opposing viewpoints, it’s definitely got us here at The TV Junkies talking about it.

Now, if only we knew for sure whether Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey) was returning in Season 3. Darned actress had to go ahead and get a part in Fear the Walking Dead. Seriously, what’s that about? Heck. (Don’t worry, the door is totally open for her actual return.)


Amber: My info is pretty sparse unfortunately–there is no news about Community actually being available in Canada just yet, or in the near future. It wasn’t enough of a player for City to continue airing it across the full country in Season 5, and with complicated distribution deals there are a lot more factors in brining the show to the country than you’d think. Sadly, most people I know here who have seen it have had to resort to geo-blockers and VPNs. Which ones, I couldn’t tell you. I personally fell off the Community train a few seasons ago. #DirtyTVCriticSecret

Any idea if Ripper Street Season 3 was picked up by anyone in Canada? It was a series I really enjoyed. – Dan

UPDATE: Excuse my little rant from earlier. While most of it still holds up, Space will now carry the third season of Ripper Street in Canada beginning May 26. 

Amber: Me too, I was quite disappointed to hear that Space wasn’t going to continue its broadcast, at least not for now. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that the show was cancelled after its second season, but then Amazon stepped in to save it. It all harkens back to the same distribution deal complications that I referenced above in the Community post. Sadly, as the Hulus, Amazons and Yahoos of the world gain traction (and as Shomi and CraveTV work at being bigger players in the digital landscape), this is a problem I think we’re going to see a lot more of here a lot in Canada.


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