Ask Amber: Summer watch lists and more

Wayward Pines, Ask Amber

Hi Amber! My family and I are fans of the reality shows that come on in the summer (like The Quest last year and Whodunnit the year before), any fun shows like that this year? Also, what new show are you looking forward to most this summer? Have you seen a preview of The Whispers or Wayward Pines? Thanks! – Rachel

Amber: If you and your family are into reality television then this is definitely the summer for you. There are so many new series coming up it’s almost hard to keep track of. 500 Questions is a new game show on ABC that’s premiering on May 20 (contestants have to answer–surprise!–500 questions to win). Then there’s Bear Grylls’ The Island on the 25, which is kind of like a hopped up version of Survivor, and the Kellan Lutz hosted Bullseye on May 27 (humans act like “darts” to hit targets for money). That same day CBS is debuting The Briefcase. In a nutshell, a down-on-their-luck family is given a briefcase with $100,000 and told they can either keep it for themselves, or share all or part of it with another family who could use it just as much.

As for those dramas, I’ve seen both and they’re fun summer offerings. Of the two I’m personally digging Wayward Pines. It’s creepy, stars Matt Dillon and comes from M. Night Shyamalan, who knows how to do small town scary right. I’d say it’s one of my overall summer picks, actually.

Hi Amber, love your site! Do you know if any Canadian network has picked up Syfy’s summer shows Dark Matter and The Expanse or TNT’s Agent X? Thanks – Stéphanie
Amber: Indeed! As I wrote a couple of weeks ago to another reader, Dark Matter will air on Space day and date with the SyFy broadcast beginning on June 12. As for the other two, they don’t have homes just yet. Agent X, which stars Sharon Stone, has a lot of star power so naturally that will probably come here later on this year when it debuts. Watch Bravo for updates, since that seems like their kind of jam. Unfortunately I’m hearing that no one in Canada is really circling The Expanse just yet, but that could change as we get closer to the (still unannounced) premiere date.

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