Ask Amber: Suits, Mindy Project in Canada, Bitten and more

The Mindy Project, Ask Amber

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Amber, I love me some Harvey Specter. Please tell me that the new season of Suits will air in Canada?Jane

Amber: C’mon. What kind of world would we be living in if Suits hadn’t LITT up Canada? (OK I’m sorry, I know that was terrible wordplay but I really couldn’t help myself). Um, but yes. Suits will absolutely be available in Canada–on Bravo–day-and-date with the June 24 premiere at 9 p.m. ET with USA Network. And, if you wanted to catch up on Season 4 first, you can tune in for a marathon beginning Saturday, June 13th at noon. I’ve been to the set for Season 5, and I can preview that there is some pretty exciting stuff coming up, including a Charles Barkley cameo and a new internal foe for Harvey (Gabriel Macht) to tango with.

Amber: Maven! Well thank you. Although, the moniker does make me feel a little old. Meh, details. (*Cracks joints back into place.*) So, by “Canadian Werewolf Series” I feel like maybe you’re referring to Bitten, with Laura Vandervoort? If so, then I’m pleased to tell you that the series has been officially renewed for a third season and it goes back into production this year. It should be a howling good time. (Again with that terrible wordplay.)

Amber, did I read right? The Mindy Project WILL be available in Canada?Carmen

Amber: You certainly did. City went on a social media blitz last week when it confirmed the MOST excellent news that The Mindy Project will continue Season 4 in Canada as well as on Hulu in the States. I’m so excited by this news that I might even break into my emergency stash of bedroom meat sticks and jerky in celebration. Because you know, sometimes us waifs have to get some protein in us before we faint from all the good news.

Hey Amber, love the column. Just wondering about the new show BattleBots; will it be like the old one? – Josh

Amber: Oh yeah, that’s the one! Who doesn’t love when those robots smash into each other in a fight til the death? This is summer viewing at its finest, people. If you’re into it, check out the premiere on Sunday, June 21 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


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