Ask Amber: State of Affairs, Schitt’s Creek & more

state of affairs
Neil Jacobs/NBC

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What’s happening with State of Affairs? Will it be renewed for another season now that The Blacklist has moved to Thursdays? – Jean

Amber: NBC has been on a bit of a renewal streak lately, doling out more seasons to Chicago Fire and P.D., The Blacklist, Grimm and Law & Order: SVU. Note that State of Affairs was not on that list. (Neither was Constantine, for those keeping track.) That’s because things don’t look very promising for the Katherine Heigl led drama. The key demo ratings haven’t been superb, and overall numbers have been on the decline since its premiere. It’s too bad–the show was starting to grow on me, but only because I’ve always kind of liked Heigl. In my opinion it was the supporting cast that never really popped. Anyhow, it hasn’t been officially axed, but it’s definitely on that bubble.

Hi Amber, love the column. I wanted to know if Schitt’s Creek will come back for a second season? I love Catherine O’Hara. – Jules

Amber: It is definitely coming back–CBC renewed the comedy before the first episode ever aired, which is a move that’s usually reserved for cable networks like Starz. In fact, the only other time I can remember a Canadian show being renewed for a second season before the first episode aired was Less Than Kind. It’s a victory of sorts for Canadian television, in my little old opinion. Also, I love Catherine O’Hara, and would just love to own her character’s wig collection for a month. And now you maybe know a little too much about me.

Amber! I want to know if that show, Fresh off the Boat, airs in Canada or just the U.S.? – Sigma

Amber: No Canadian broadcasters just yet–the series only airs on ABC, but the good news is that the signal is pretty much available across Canada. Can’t get it? Maybe get your hands on the book on which the series is based, by Eddie Huang. He’s quite the character, so I’m sure you’ll get a good feel for the series itself.


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