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Hi Amber: I would like to know if Stalker is coming back. We really enjoy this show. Also is Forever returning next year? – Bob

Amber: I found Stalker to be a huge hit and miss with audiences this year–and I think CBS has too. The show hasn’t done poorly in the ratings in relation to all network series, but it certainly isn’t one of the Eye network’s top hits either. That’s why it wasn’t renewed in January alongside other freshmen series NCIS: New Orleans, Scorpion and Madam Secretary. The good news is that it still hasn’t been cancelled either, and CBS seems willing to try it out in a new night when it returns on May 4. For now.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: CBS has pushed up the return date. Stalker now returns Monday, April 27.

If you are a fan, “The Woods” sounds like it’s going to be a pretty big episode–one that picks up pretty quickly from the huge winter finale cliffhanger. We’ll definitely see where Beth (Maggie Q) is being held captive, and we’ll find out whether Ben (Victor Rasuk) survived.

As for Forever, the show wraps the first week of May and I wouldn’t bet money on it being renewed. Other than Ioan Gruffudd’s naked body breaking the surface of the Hudson River in the pilot, the show really hasn’t caused much of a splash.

Amber: Sorry, but it seems like no Canadian broadcasters are in the witchy spirit these days, since there’s no indication it’s coming to anyone’s schedule soon. Which is a freaking shame. I mean c’mon–James Denton! I haven’t had my fix since the Desperate Housewives days, and withdrawal just ain’t my style. Also, did anyone else’s parents give them crap for using the term “ain’t” growing up?

As a Canadian website, why do you not have someone watching and commenting on Big Brother Canada? I am really enjoying this season and love the Side Show Thursdays on Slice. I am really impressed with this Canadian production–the set, the twists and the Minority Report aspect of nominations. Usually we just copy the U.S. version! – Sonja

Amber: So true Sonja, it is really nice that we’re not just copying another American reality show by putting our own spin on a series and Big Brother Canada should be celebrated. And you’re right, as a Canadian website it would be cool if we could cover it. Sadly, we just don’t have the manpower to cover everything on television, especially when we’re trying to cover American AND Canadian television. It’s the same reason we haven’t been able to review MasterChef Canada this season, as much as we love the show and its production team. So we kind of do a mix of both and we’re continuing to do our best. Along with our ongoing American reviews, you can continue checking in for full reviews of some other Canadian series like Remedy, Orphan Black, and the upcoming season of Rookie Blue.


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