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Rookie Blue, Ask Amber

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Hey Amber, love the column. When will we know about Rookie Blue and if it is getting another season? This can’t be the end!! – Jackie

Amber: Got the potential Rookie Blue ending blues, have you? Well, we here at The TV Junkies are obviously huge fans so we can’t exactly blame you. We’ve been waiting on work on a potential Season 7 for months now. That’s why we checked in with Christine Shipton, the SVP and Chief Creative Officer at Shaw Media during the broadcaster’s upfronts this week. Her take? There will hopefully be a decision in the next couple of weeks to announce.

“We’re working hard on it, but I can’t say it’s been picked up,” she told us. “There’s a lot of factors, a lot of discussion. I love the show personally. I would be so proud if we could take a hit Canadian show to seven seasons. It’s a pretty small list of shows that reached the seven season mark. So it’s not official but we’re working on it.”

So what exactly are they working on?

“At this point it’s conversations with eOne, in terms of how we finance it and what the timing would be if there was a seventh season. There are all those factors–you’ve got to make sure all that’s aligned before you push the button.”

Hopefully that button is pushed soon.

Amber: You’ll have to check your local listings, as some PBS shows come here and some don’t. It all depends on your provider. However, the plan is that yes, the series will hit Canada in general when it debuts in the U.S. in June. From what I’ve seen, everyone’s going to want to watch Aidan Turner in this role. He, and it, look pretty fantastic, as far as period dramas go. But maybe that’s just me. Here’s a trailer for anyone else who is curious (or who read the books on which this is based).

Amber: Not this summer, no. But it will hit Showcase this fall. So if you can hold on tight and not find a way to illegally watch the Christian Slater/Remi Malek drama when it debuts this month on USA Network, you’ll be able to watch guilt free in a couple of months. For those who haven’t heard, Mr. Robot stars Slater as an anarchist named Mr. Robot who recruits a young programmer with an anti-social disorder into an underground hacking group. You know, a very Slater-like role.


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