Ask Amber: Rookie Blue debate continues

Rookie Blue

When, oh when is Rookie Blue coming back? – Sara

Amber: Not soon enough, in my opinion. ABC usually waits until the summer, which I’m beginning to suspect Global will also do here in Canada this year. (Last year Global aired the series in advance of ABC.) I am starting to suspect that Season 6 won’t be the show’s last, however. Why do I think this? Stick with me for a second.

When Season 5 was first ordered, it was a super-sized order of 22 episodes that was supposed to be split in half and air over two seasons. Then, as Season 5 wrapped on air, the back half of Season 5 was wrapping production. At that time, Global and ABC decided that those back 11 episodes would be known as Season 6 rather than Season 5B. We also spoke with showrunner Tassie Cameron at that time, and she said the show might not go on due to creative reasons. Still with me?

Now, the official Rookie Blue twitter feed has shared a story that claims Sherry White (Orphan Black) is reportedly taking over showrunner duties on Season 6. Since “Season 6” already wrapped and Cameron was still heading things up at that time, we’re hoping that means White has been tasked with heading up a brand new, yet-to-be-announced season.

Lastly, from my conversation with ABC entertainment president Paul Lee in January, a seventh season is something ABC would definitely be interested in. Unfortunately at time of press Global could not confirm anything, so in short, this is still just all theoretical. But fingers crossed!

Hi Amber, wondering if I should check out Secrets and Lies with Ryan Phillippe. Is it worth my time? – Ravi

Amber: Sadly, I think most people will have already caught the two-hour premiere by the time this post goes live (the first two episodes kicked off Sunday, March 1), but in case it’s on anyone’s DVRs or PVRs for later on, I was personally very much into the series. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure that I would be either. Phillippe has never really done it for me (except for maybe Cruel Intentions back in the day) but I really dug watching him in this show. He was pretty watchable as the laid-back family man with secrets. Or, at least as laid back as he could be while being investigated for murder.

In terms of rating, I suppose it compliments the small Revenge audience on Sunday nights. But I actually wish the show would have aired after Scandal on Thursdays (where American Crime is going), because I think Secrets and Lies fits that Shonda Rhimes audiences just a little bit better. Then again, I’m not a programmer so what do I know. What did you guys think of the two hour premiere? Would love to hear your comments below.


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