Ask Amber: New Girl and more


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Where did New Girl go?! Please tell me it wasn’t cancelled? – Jenni

Amber: It sure isn’t, that little old thing called the World Series just got in the way is all. Fox goes through this every season, it has to put its shows on hold while the playoffs … well, play out and then the regular fall shows come back. Both New Girl and The Mindy Project (whaa-aat) are back this week with new episodes. I’ve definitely missed my Nick Miller fix, if I’m being honest. But fantastic news. Remember Tran? (C’mon, who doesn’t.) He’s returning for the Thanksgiving episode and when he does we’re going to meet someone very important–his granddaughter. Greta Lee (Girls) joins the cast for at least three episodes as a potential Nick love interest. Knowing Tran’s impact on the bartender, I gotta say I’m pretty damned excited to see what kind of a mark his granddaughter will make. My hope is that at some point they all make turtle faces in the pool together.


I heard that Richie Rich is coming back, is that true? – Jean

Amber: Let’s just say it might be time to break out those mini tuxes and roll around in money bags, shall we? OK OK, we can just say that yes, another iteration of the show is on the way. Netflix made an announcement late last week that it has picked up 21 live action episodes for broadcast in the U.S., Canada and Latin America early next year. Jake Brennan (Dark Skies) stars in the title role, and will lead the weekly antics and adventures. Now we just need to start the petitions for an Archie and Dennis the Menace series too.

I was wondering will Hallmark’s The Good Witch TV Series be aired in Canada? – Kellie

Amber: No word yet (even though it filmed in Ontario), but keep your eyes peeled on W Network just in case–they seem the most likely to go with it if it does come here. The problem is that Hallmark has so much programming in the States, and no Canadian broadcast partner here. I’ve heard rumblings that a Hallmark Canada could be coming this way in the near future, but for now that’s all speculation. In the meantime, Americans can catch the series (which is based on the movies) in early 2015.

Bonus “Answer:” 

Because I love Harry Potter, Jimmy Kimmel and even Daniel Radcliffe, and since J.K. Rowling did release that new story about Umbridge last week, I wanted to share this Ah-Mah-Zing clip with anyone who hasn’t yet seen it. You’re welcome.

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