Ask Amber: Librarians, True Detective & more


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Hi Amber, I am so glad I found your column again. I hope you can tell me if we will be able to see The Librarians in Canada.  I will watch anything with Noah Wyle in it!  Thanks for your time – Shirley

Amber: Oh man, I wish you wrote me this just a little bit sooner, because The Librarians actually premiered Sunday night on Space with two back-to-back episodes. Check out any OnDemand services (or online) to try and catch up though, because it sounds like there are lots of fun “monsters” in store. Like dragons. And people who want to kill Santa Claus. Oh I guess there’s that Noah Wyle guy too.

Hey Amber, I won’t be able to see the Corner Gas movie in the theatres but do you know if it will ever be on TV? – John

Amber: Yuppers, there’s no way that CTV would invest as much money as it did into Corner Gas: The Movie and then not air it on TV. So, not only will the Dog River crew (my new name for them) air on CTV come Dec. 17, but also to CTV Two, CTV Go and a slew of other specialty stations. Actually, it will probably live in repeats across all Bell Media properties for months to come. That’s because, as I shamelessly wrote a couple of weeks ago, the movie is a really big deal.

When will the new season of True Detective air? I loved the first one so much. – Bea

Amber: How about Not. Soon. Enough.?!? I’m really pumped for the second one, maybe even more so than the first one. That’s mostly because of the cast though–I have no idea how the story itself is going to shape up. In case you haven’t heard (or are still filing all of the various casting announcements in your brain), so far True Detective Season 2 is going to feature Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly, and C.S. Lee (Masuka from Dexer). Seriously when I heard all of those names I went full Kristen Bell.


OH and I guess you wanted to know when the second season was airing, didn’t you? Well sadly, it won’t be until the summer. But I am fully hoping that HBO makes some announcements in terms of specific dates when it presents at the upcoming Television Critics Association Winter Press in Pasadena, Calif. We’ll be on hand to bring you all of the updates from the whole tour so start sending your questions now!

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