Ask Amber: Homeland, Younger and more


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Amber, I was just thinking about a show I enjoyed–The Last Ship–and was wondering if they’re going to finish the story for us or has the “ship” finally sailed. Another show I got into is Homeland. Do you know if Season 3 will air on Bravo during the winter? – Brian

Amber: Ha, I see what you did there. Clever. Send me wordy puns anytime, they’re among my favourite things in the world. Um, but no–The Last Ship‘s ship has not sailed and Eric Dane does still have a job. That makes me happy, because I feel like things don’t go well for him personally when he’s not employed. Also he will always be McSteamy in my heart, but there I go on another tangent. I apologize. Ship was among the highest rated cable shows last summer in the U.S., (and No. 1 among key demos), plus you don’t exactly turn down Michael Bay if he wants to keep making television. Not unless you absolutely have to. So the show will return in 2015 with Season 2, and the episode order has been upped from 10 in Season 1 to 13 next year. It was pretty much a no-brainer.


As for Homeland, I’m afraid I don’t have any updates just yet. In Canada, Super Channel has all rights to the Claire Danes series for a full year after it airs. That means the third season could have aired on Bravo anytime after September. I have a feeling it will be a part of the specialty station’s winter schedule, but as of right now they aren’t able to confirm anything.

I really like Sutton Foster, and am looking forward to her new series Younger on TV Land. Do you know if that will be picked up in Canada? – Dan

Amber: I’m hearing through the rumour mill that the show HAS indeed landed in Canada. On a certain station that also airs Reign, DWTS and Pretty Little Liars. (OK, OK it’s M3.) I’m surprisingly into this concept to be honest (a forty-somthing gets a makeover to look like a twenty-something to get a job), but mostly because it’s going to be done in the campy, fun style that Darren Star tends to bring to projects. A la Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210 and Sex and the City, if you will. Oh, and I should probably mention that even though Younger is bowing in the U.S. on Jan. 13, we won’t get it in Canada until probably at least a week later.

Hi Amber, Is Grace Park leaving Hawaii Five-O? We have had a quick glimpse of her in one, maybe two scenes per episode this season. As I’ve mentioned before, the show seems to be going more male-centric all the time, and it looks like Park is slowly being phased out. Have really been enjoying the return of Ask Amber. Thanks – Pat

Amber: I hear you–it’s always frustrating when smart, kick-ass women seem suddenly downgraded or are ushered off a show (here’s to you, Michelle Borth). I honestly think that’s a large part of why I’m so into shows like Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black. Or pretty much anything with the word “black” in the title apparently. Anyhow, you need to remember that Grace Park was on a maternity leave of sorts and it was really under wraps to protect the actress’s privacy. She isn’t being phased out (at least that doesn’t seem to be the current plan), but it’s murky as to when she (and Kono) will be back on 100 per cent. Here’s hoping soon!


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