Ask Amber: Hockey Wives, Big Brother Canada and more

hockey wives
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Hi Amber, can you tell me when and where we can catch Hockey Wives? Thanks – Barry

Amber: Sure. Canada’s answer to The Real Housewives franchise kicks off Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. ET on W Network. I’m anticipating lots of eyeballs on this one, since it’s something non-hockey fans who have sat through countless games with their significant others can enjoy just as much as those aforementioned hockey aficionados. Now just imagine if Elisha Cuthbert had done the show — given everything in the media lately, that would have been the ultimate “get.”

Anyhow, here’s a clip to last you til Wednesday.


Is The Knick on any Canadian channel? Looks like it takes place around the same time period as Murdoch Mysteries, and I am fascinated by that era. Thanks and keep up the good work. – Pat

Amber: Thanks Pat. You can definitely catch The Knick in Canada, as part of HBO Canada’s package. I recently caught up on demand and I have to say that it was pretty fantastic. The surgeries are so old fashioned and gory–not gratuitously gory, but like, down and in there gory. There are lots of great themes and actors to go around. Clive Owen is fantastic as the lead, Dr. Thackery, but Canada’s own Eric Johnson is quite brilliant as the love-to-hate character Dr. Gallinger. Anyhow I’m guessing the second season will probably premiere sometime this summer, so you’ve got a bit of time to catch up if you’re into it.

Hi!  What’s up with all the shows having season finales in February??  Do we now have to wait seven to nine months before they return?  And I believe Big Brother Canada returns in March — was that not a summer show? While I have you, I was also wondering how some of the new shows are doing, like The Odd Couple (I don’t care for it) and The Slap (don’t like characters, nursing a five-year-old? Really!). If they are going to get better, I might hang in there! – Sonja

Amber: Welcome to the new network schedule after cable, which I also touched on in last week’s column. With so much competition out there, networks are doing what they can to stay relevant and competitive year round. There’s no such thing as a September-May TV calendar anymore; us TV Junkies have to stay vigilant year-round! As for Big Brother Canada, you might have noted that it airs on Global this year, and not Slice. And because Global airs the regular Big Brother on Global in the summer, there was no room for the Canadian version on the schedule. So that’s why it’s a bit earlier than before.

As for your new shows? The Slap is pretty much dead in the water (it won’t come back after its eight episodes air) and The Odd Couple is doing fairly OK right now. But you can’t forget it has that huge The Big Bang Theory lead-in, which is absolutely bolstering its ratings. So no renewals just yet.


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