Ask Amber: Devious Maids in Canada, Scream and more

Ask Amber, Devious Maids
Stuart Pettican/Liftime

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I recently saw that Devious Maids is coming back for a third season. Do you know if it will air in Canada? – Meg

Amber: Is it wrong that I’m so happy someone else is still watching that show? I’m totally into it, even though sometimes I wonder HOW I’m still totally into it. (Let’s just be honest–some of the storylines are completely ridiculous.) Anyhow yes. Devious Maids will also air on Lifetime Canada when it returns to Lifetime U.S. beginning Monday, June 1 at 9 p.m. ET. There will be some changes though. Valentina (Edy Ganem) and Remi (Drew Van Acker) are leaving the series (they’ll only be recurring this season), while Glee‘s Naya Rivera is joining the cast. Here’s hoping that the young lovebirds will sail off into the sunset somewhere, but you never know with this show. Especially since showrunner Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) has stepped down in Season 3 to focus on other things.

Meanwhile, we can ALL expect to learn the fallout from Season 2’s cliffhanger ending, in which someone was clearly shot. My money’s on Mista Spence.

Amber: Officially, not yet. But I would be very, very surprised if the show didn’t end up on MTV’s schedule by the premiere date on June 30. It’s too buzzy–and too MTV-ish–not to. Besides, most of those scripted series tend to go day-and-date. Keep checking back for updates though. In the meantime, let’s celebrate this horrific series by re-watching the trailer 10 more times, shall we?

Hi Amber, have you heard anything about the new series Zoo? – Jaime

Amber: Sure have. Well as you probably know Zoo is based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson, in which animals start taking back the earth through a string of strange attacks. (Think safaris gone wrong but in real life.) Bet you’re reconsidering being a vegetarian again right about now, huh? Anyhow, it also stars two of my personal favourite leading men, Billy Burke (Revolution) and James Wolk (The Crazy Ones), and kicks off its 13-episode run on June 30 on CTV and CBS.


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