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Amber, thank you for writing about Rookie Blue not being nominated for any of the Canadian Screen Awards. You forgot to mention another great Canadian series though–Continuum. Where was the love? – Sue

Amber: Thank you, Sue. You aren’t the only one to bring up the lack of love for Contiuum either. Other comments on that article referenced the face palm that was Zoie Palmer not being nominated too. It’s a hard thing. On one hand there are SO many categories in the CSAs (too many, in my opinion, but that’s for another day). On the other, as someone who critiques a lot of Canadian television, I always feel like there’s lots that we got wrong. At the end of the day I guess I’m happy that we’re finally recognizing some of the great work that goes on here in a celebratory way and hope that as more viewers become aware of the show more shows and actors submit their work for submission. That why’s Rookie Blue and Saving Hope weren’t included, by the way–the producer of both series opts not to submit each year. Speaking of Saving Hope

Amber, tell me that Alex is going to go back with Charlie on Saving Hope now? We all know he’s the baby daddy. No offence to Joel, but I’m tired of the love triangle now. – Julia

Amber: I’ve long felt that the show should focus more on its supporting characters, which it’s finally been doing a little more of this season. The Charlie (Michael Shanks), Joel (Daniel Gillies), Alex (Erica Durance) love triangle was interesting at first–and let’s be honest, you definitely need them in any kind of successful soapy medical drama–but I would love to see this evolve into more of an ensemble. You get tired of hearing the same problems every week. That said, this week’s finale is a huge game changer. My lips are sealed and I’m not giving anything away, but I promise that if you’re a fan of the show you are going to want to watch it LIVE. You’ve been warned.

Hi Amber, I’ve got a question for you. What’s the deal with the Breaking Bad spinoff? I watched the first episode but I think I missed the second. Should I try and catch up? – Brent

Amber: So far I’m really digging Better Call Saul and would say that the second episode was even better than the first. Mostly because I think Michael Mando plays such a great bad buy in the Nacho character. I mean, he’s played versions of that character here in Canada with Orphan Black and The Listener, but with this guy there’s a softer side that somehow makes him more dangerous. Anyhow long story short, yes. I think it’s worth checking out for sure. And just so you know, the third episode airs Monday night in its regular 10 p.m. ET timeslot.


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