Ask Amber: Cougar Town & fall finales


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Hi, I really enjoy your column and I have a question about two returning TBS shows. Do you know if Season 6 of Cougar Town and Season 2 of Ground Floor will be returning to any Canadian TV channels as they did last year? Thanks – Lenny

Amber: Thanks Lenny! You might want to pour yourself a Big Carl because unfortunately I don’t have any updates on the final season of Cougar Town airing in Canada (it returns to the States on Jan. 6). I imagine it will return to City where its always lived, but the broadcaster hasn’t confirmed those plans yet. Fortunately though, the second season of Ground Floor will return to Bell Media–probably on Comedy. Right now all we know is Winter 2015 (just a bit later than the U.S., Dec. 9 return), so keep your eyes peeled and those glasses full.


What’s up with shows having fall finales, like The Blacklist and How to Get Away With Murder?  Will they be back in January?  I don’t remember a show ending in the fall before, unless it was a summer show, like Big BrotherLegends with Sean Bean has also wrapped up–was it renewed? – Sonja
Amber: It’s super confusing, isn’t it? Fall or winter finales aren’t a new concept, but they’re certainly a new marketing ploy. Networks have been doing this for a couple of years now. They call the last episode before the holiday break the fall/winter finale, and then when the show in question returns in the new year, it’s called the midseason debut or winter premiere. To make matters worse, sometimes the shows actually are ending for the season. It’s all just a big mess. But here’s where things might get a little annoying for you, personally: when both shows return in 2015, they’re going to be competitors. The Blacklist is headed for Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET, where Viola Davis’ Murder is currently raking in the ratings. I hope you have time shifting or a PVR.
Hi Amber, when is Major Crimes coming back? I think the third season is ending in the U.S. soon. – Ash
Amber: GREAT timing on this one–Super Channel has confirmed that the third season of the Mary McDonnell series will return on Monday, Dec. 8 at 9 p.m. ET. It’s definitely a little behind the U.S. (the second part of the third season actually begins there Monday night), but I guess it beats trying to find it illegally somewhere online, right? … Anyhow if you want some more details, the premiere episode, “Down the Drain” kicks off with a bang. It features a case that has the Major Crimes division digging into L.A.’s underground water system and a surrogate adoption that gets a little messy. Or murderous, depending on your point of view.
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