Ask Amber: Canadian upfronts and more


Hi Amber, love your column. I was wondering, since the American upfronts are complete, when are the Canadian upfronts? I am an obsessed TV viewer with over 70 shows that I watch weekly. I like to know ahead when shows are starting and on the schedule so I can make my own schedule. Thank you if you can assist with this. – Lynn

Amber: That’s quite the commitment–and I thought I watched a lot of television! Well you’re right about one thing, you’re definitely going to need to make your own schedule. Hopefully we can help you sort it all out with our own fall calendars, which will be here by summer’s end. In the meantime, the Canadian upfronts start soon. CBC always does a “Fall Presentation” towards the end of May, while Rogers, Shaw and Bell usually go the first week of June. So far, it looks as though Bell is the only company actually doing a traditional upfront in the sense of presenting their fall schedule. Rogers is a “what’s next” look ahead while rumour has it Shaw is changing the game completely. Either way we should know their schedules soon. So stay tuned to The TV Junkies because we’ll let you know here first.

Amber: Absolutely. There’s really not much that HBO airs that doesn’t wind up on HBO Canada. And Westworld, which is based on the 1973 film is no exception. The sci-fi offering boasts an impressive all-star cast, including Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and Ed Harris. Impressive, right? Look for it later this year (no official premiere date has been confirmed).

Hi Amber, the fall TV preview for the five “major” networks last week was quite revealing. Is there something similar for timelines for what is coming from Netflix? Thanks – Ryan

Amber: Although the definition of upfronts has changed a lot over the past few years, and the likes of Hulu, Popsugar, AOL, Yahoo! and even Buzzfeed had presentations, Netflix was not one of them. I feel like the digital network likes to do its own thing, and announce stuff whenever it pleases rather than be lumped in with everyone else. Of course they’ve done similar presentations in the past, but we also have to remember that they’re fairly new and are figuring out what works for them. What works for me is more Orange is the New Black. Immediately. Is it June yet?


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