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Hey Amber, I know you are not a fan of Beauty & the Beast, & I admit it is not that good, but I am familiar with all the characters and it gives me a sense of comfort to watch. I’m pretty sure that I read in the Spring it was renewed for this season, but I have not seen it on anywhere, nor have I seen any promos for it.  Was I mistaken and it was cancelled? Thanks – Pat

Amber: Hey now, I’m not NOT a fan of BATB, it’s just not among the shows I watch on the regular. And The Carrie Diaries was. Sadly only one of those shows was renewed for a third season, so that’s really the nature of my non-fandom, I guess. Plus I just feel he could look more like a “beast.” Anyhow, as you can probably tell at this point, the VinCat saga will continue when the show returns to The CW, but that won’t be until sometime next year. That’s why you haven’t seen any promotion for it just yet. But it will be back (Season 3 is currently shooting in and around Toronto) and when it is, I think fans will be over-the-moon happy about all of the time devoted to Vincent and Catherine’s relationship. Oh and if you were curious about C’s backstory, looks like we’ll be meeting two of her aunts come Episode 6. Well, you guys will, and then you can tell me if you were into it. Meanwhile I’ll be watching my fave version of the franchise by my lonesome and singing ALL the songs.


My friend and I love the different Real Housewives shows and are wondering if you can get starting dates for Canadian viewers.  Apparently commercials have started promoting Real Housewives of Atlanta but in the U.S.   Now my friend has found out that Lisa Rinna is joining the cast of Beverly Hills starting Nov. 18th, but again I can’t find it in Canada. How long do Canadians have to wait to be included and be up to speed with what is happening? – Sonja

Amber: It’s funny, I actually had to stop watching a lot of the Housewives franchises for the same reason, they were never on at the same time and I would just get spoiled. That’s never any fun for anyone. Well, I hope this helps: in Canada, Slice is actually airing the seventh season of Real Housewives of Atlanta beginning Sunday, Nov. 30. So I’m sure there will be plenty of shenanigans from NeNe and co. to look forward to there. As for Beverly Hills, look for that beginning Nov. 25 on Slice. Lisa Rinna has indeed joined the cast, and I hear she’s got lots of brawls in store with the other new cast member, Eileen Davidson (The Young & the Restless). Let the cat fights begin.

Oh, and if you want to watch something that totally hits the nail on the head when it comes to these types of reality shows, please check out Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback on HBO if you get a chance. I think that show is equal parts genius and hilarity.


Hi. I was just wondering if you had any information about whether or not So You Think You Can Dance will be returning for another season this summer? I haven’t been able to find anything saying it has been cancelled, but shouldn’t auditions be starting soon if the show is going to return? It is an amazing show that my whole family loves to watch together. Thanks – Kathy

Amber: What IS it about SYTYCD that brings people together like that? I once bonded with a random girl in my 60 day yoga challenge over that show. Neither of us are dancers, but I think anyone overhearing our conversation would have thought we were. Well, until they saw us attempt the Pigeon pose. Shakira was onto something with that “Hips Don’t Lie” song.


Anyhow, no–no word on a 12th season of the series, but I think Fox executives would want the show to continue if possible. While it no longer does fantastic summer numbers, it has become one of their summer staples and I think they would want to try one more retooled season first before throwing in the towel for good. Here’s hoping! UPDATE: Apparently our well wishes worked because hours after this article was published, Fox confirmed that SYTYCD will indeed return for a 12th season. It goes next summer and will feature a “Stage versus Street” format. Yippee! 


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