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Update: For Lenny, who wondered when Cougar Town would be back in Canada. I’m happy to say Big Carls for everyone, because the show officially returns for its final season on Feb. 19 on City, my friend.

Hi Amber, I’m so glad you’re back! I have a couple of questions for you. Firstly, will you be doing a calendar for new and returning midseason shows? (I barely made it through fall TV without you!) . Secondly, I am loving The Affair (such a crush on Cole). Do you know if it is intended to be a miniseries, or could it possibly return for a second season? Thanks so much! – Rachel

Amber: So happy you found us! We actually had fall preview calendars up so it would have been the perfect opportunity to find (and watch) way too much TV. To be honest, our resources here are a little limited right now so I’m not 100 per cent positive that we’ll have something up for midseason, but you can bet we’re going to try. At the very least keep coming back to the page. We’ll bring you lots of updates from the 2015 TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena and our writers are all over tons of other shows. Any maybe–just maybe–we’ll be able to do a calendar for you. Fingers crossed. In return, please help spread the word to all your TV-loving friends, OK? We LOVE posts on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. #ShamelessPlug, anyone?

As for The Affair, you’ll be pleased to know that it is indeed returning for a second season. Few details about what that will look like are actually available just yet, but knowing how the first one went down, let’s just assume we’ll get a variety of angles. Also, how could you NOT have a crush on this?


Hi Amber, now that Republic of Doyle is done when will we see the movie? – Grace

Amber: Yikes, you must be big a fan of the show, huh? It’s true that creator and star Allan Hawco is looking towards a potential full feature flick (further proof comes from the open-ended nature of the actual finale, as reviewed by fellow Junkies scribe Eleni Armenakis here), but Republic of Doyle did only end last week. I feel like some breathing room is in order. At least this way if and when it does return for a movie (along with a Call Me Fitz movie, if I have my way) CBC and Hawco can look very, very closely at what the Corner Gas movie got right and what it could have potentially improved on. And THAT’s why going first isn’t always the best idea, ladies and gents. Although Corner Gas fans should really watch the movie on CTV Wednesday night. It’s pretty damn good.

I REALLY don’t want to get spoiled on the Sons of Anarchy finale but I have no idea where to watch it in Canada. Please help? – Jaylen

Amber: Geez, good thing you didn’t order that fan book then, huh? (For those who haven’t heard, it was accidentally shipped early–ahead of the finale–and it spoiled the ending for a bunch of fans.) Well, I definitely understand not wanting to be spoiled on the final season. While there were some slow moving parts, the last few episodes had huge payoffs for fans. Since the season already aired day-and-date in Canada on Super Channel, and it won’t come to FX Canada for about a year at least, my suggestion is to grab the season on iTunes. Good luck!


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