Ask Amber: 5 shows to finally watch in 2015


Another year is almost upon us, which can only mean one thing: another year of hard TV viewing choices ahead. Recently, a Facebook friend of mine posted one such tough life decision on her wall: “I’ve got two weeks: Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead?” The resulting debate went on for almost two weeks, with representatives from both sides presenting their cases.

As a television critic it’s definitely hard to see everything that airs–especially with online, cable and network options unrolling each quarter. So in┬áthis special edition of Ask Amber (we’re back to the regular schedule next week folks–send your questions to now!) I’m “admitting” to five shows that I know I should watch and haven’t. Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze them in sometime in 2015!

5. Friday Night Lights

I have no good reason as to why I’ve never caught this show. I love sports movies of all types (especially Varsity Blues), have played on competitive, travelling sports teams during the earlier years of my life, and absolutely adore Parenthood. This one truly is a no-brainer, yet one that I just never had time to sit down and enjoy.

4. The Shield

This was the cop drama that changed the face of cop dramas. It won awards and helped put FX on the map as a real player for original programming. Michael Chiklis is fantastic in everything he does. So how come I never tuned in? It’s a fair question, and one that I really don’t have an answer to. I have the set, now it’s just a matter of finding two weeks I suppose.

3. Twin Peaks

I’ve done my homework, and understand that tons of today’s TV tropes first appeared in this whodunnit offering. Laura Palmer and her murder was a legend in its own right. Yet this who was never something that caught my eye long enough to sit down and watch, but with a remake coming soon 2015 seems like as good a time as any to finally give it a go.

2. Louie

Yep, that’s right–as much as I adore Louis C.K. I have never actually sat down and watched more than a random episode of his award winning show. I actually had to pass on presenting him with an award once just because I felt as though it wouldn’t be right. Lots of critic friends of mine have long spouted love for the stand-up comedian’s FX series, and even though the jury is still out on this last season, I think it’s probably time that I check find out for myself.

1. Broadchurch

Of my Top 5, this is one that I think I can catch up on the quickest, since the first season is only 10 episodes. After watching and reviewing an entire season of the spinoff, Gracepoint, I think it’s time I finally saw what David Tennant NOT hiding his accent is all about. Not to mention the fact that Season 2 is just around the corner.