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Hi Amber, when The 100 premiered, it was in the new year and only for a half season. It returned in October. Will it be back for a full season, or still just for half a season until the Christmas/New Year break? Thanks – Pat

Amber: Technically The 100 did have a full season. However, as most new midseason entries tend to be, it was only 13-episodes. In my opinion, that’s part of why the show took off as well as it did–there was tons of action and plot with no real filler. That kept people tuned in (other shows could take a cue). I think The CW realized this, which is why the second season will be kept reined in with 16 total episodes. The other reason is a bit more logistical. When production learned that the series would go in the fall as opposed to winter or spring, the writers needed to craft the season under some pretty tight time constraints.

I feel your pain, but at least 16 episodes is still a nice long run. Just think of the Game of Thrones fans out there who only get 10 episodes per season. Or anyone who’s ever tuned into the final season of an AMC series. By the time the last run is split in two (now coming to Hell on Wheels, by the way), that only leaves like eight episodes per “season” left. I almost broke my mind waiting for the final season of Breaking Bad. And you probably don’t want to bring this up with Sherlock fans, who’ve learned to stretch those three episode seasons for years. I guess when we really love a show, we all want more.


Hi Amber, have you heard anything about Crossing Lines returning to CBC for Season 2?  It seems that I have a terrible track record of getting into a show in Season 1, just to have it cancelled in season two. Great to have you back, BTW. – Brian

Amber: Thanks Brian, I’m enjoying being back in this new space. Just be sure to tell all your friends and help me spread the word if you think of it after your coffee this morning, would ya? Anyhow, sorry to be the one to tell you but Crossing Lines won’t return to CBC anytime soon–nor NBC for that matter. The first season is available on Netflix and Netflix Canada though, so I’d keep my eyes peeled on the streaming service if I were you. As we know, even though the ratings here weren’t the greatest, the show itself was sold into more than 180 territories and had a successful run in Europe, earning itself a second season. So there’s hope yet.

Hey Amber, question for ya. I currently have a few extra episodes of Scorpion and How to Get Away With Murder recorded. I don’t want to catch up if they’re going to get cancelled. Thoughts? – Jed

Amber: Watch away. Both shows, along with Forever, NCIS: New Orleans, Madam Secretary, Stalker, Mysteries of Laura and black-ish have all been picked up for full seasons. (If you had A to Z, Manhattan Love Story, Selfie, Utopia or Bad Judge stacked up though, I’d say hit the erase button–all five shows have been officially axed.)

I was a little surprised that Forever got a full season, by the way. The ratings have been below average and I’ve never thought the show had the panache new entries need to stand out in the crowd (well, other than Ioan Gruffudd’s abs of course). On the flip side, it’s also interesting to note that so many new comedies are coming off the schedules so quickly–everyone knows they need the most time to grow. Then again, none of them were exactly side-splitting.


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