Arrow: Olicity fans get their moment

Cate Cameron/The CW
Cate Cameron/The CW

Olicity fans rejoice! The  long awaited hook up between Oliver and Felicity finally happened in Wednesday night’s episode of Arrow, “The Fallen.” Although the setting may not have been everything fans dreamed of, the moment itself was hot, passionate and even left us with a little WTF moment immediately after as Felicity drugged Oliver.

From the top, Oliver retuned home to find Thea a bloody mess after last week’s assault at the hands of Ra’s al Ghul. Although it appeared she may have died, Thea was still clinging to life but was pronounced unlikely to recover by doctors. Malcolm Merlyn stopped by at the hospital, but it’s totally his fault she is involved in any of this, so he should just screw off. Overall it was quite a depressing opening, even by Arrow standards. Eventually Oliver was distracted by some smoke outside and rushed out to meet / punch Maseo in the face, which you’ve got to admit, the guy had it coming. Maseo once again extends Ra’s invitation to Ollie, with the addition that if he accepts he could then use the infamous Lazarus Pit to save his sister’s life.

Against Malcolm’s warnings, and with a little help courtesy of Ray, the team headed out to Nanda Parbat where things really started to amp up. They were greeted by an entire legion of assassins, in front of  a very imposing looking fortress, but none of this impressed Diggle, who in a conversation with Maseo referred to the league as both weak and cowardly! (You tell ’em Dig!) Then in a ceremony reminiscent of the great scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Thea got lowered into the Lazarus Pit and then sprung out of it, practically dropkicking her brother in the process. When we first heard her speak, it seemed to confirm Malcolm’s warnings about the side effects of using the Pit. Thea’s memories were mixed up and she thought her brother was dead but still recognized Malcolm as her father. It was a weird mixture that thankfully didn’t last long as by the end of the episode she was giving Malcolm shit again like the Thea we know and love.

With Thea now conscience, it was time for Oliver to live up to his end of the bargain, but not if Felicity had anything to say about it. First she confronted Ra’s, but had little affect on his mindset. Instead he seemingly convinced her she should be using this time to say goodbye properly, a chance he never got with his own family. When Felicity first entered Oliver’s chambers (when does it stop being a room and start being chambers? Chambers feels right in this situation.), it seemed she was destined to have another goodbye moment she was dreading earlier on. However, after stroking Oliver’s ego and professing her love for him, it was no surprise Oliver was finally in the mood and made his move. Now, we’ve all been waiting for this hook up but for me, it’s tainted with what immediately followed. Sure we know Felicity does love Oliver, and he definitely would have trusted her enough to drink from the cup she handed him anyways. However, if this were anyone else, in any other show… we’d be saying she slept with Oliver to gain his confidence so she could drug him. Not exactly the most romantic way to see their relationship peak is it? That said, it’s about time!

Cate Cameron/The CW
Cate Cameron/The CW

So Felicity laced the nightcap and planned on sneaking Oliver out, the only problem was she didn’t tell the rest of the team! After some disagreement on what to do, Felicity pushed Malcolm into being useful for once in his life, as he showed them the way to a secret exit. Dig had to carry Oliver – was THAT a part of Felicity’s master plan? Poor guy. With a little help from Maseo, the team almost escaped but was surrounded at the exit. Oliver conveniently woke up here and used his new found power of “impending heir” to gets the team out.

The individual goodbyes were as heartbreaking as anything this season and poor Thea still didn’t know what was going on. Oliver kissed Felicity goodbye, but what touched me the most in this moment was his last words with Diggle. Can anyone remember when Oliver would ditch him at every opportunity? Well now he calls him brother and says Diggle is the best man he’s ever known. This relationship doesn’t get as much attention as the Olicity ‘ship, but is every bit as integral to the successful Arrow format we all know and love.

If next week’s promo is to be believed, the idea that they may be pitted against each other is  outrageous. Ollie vs. Dig? No way that’s like Kirk vs Spock. They’ll find a way out of it.

Random thoughts

  •  Oliver receives yet another scar on his body.
  • With the introduction of the Lazarus Pit’s healing ability, death is beginning to feel cheap in the Arrow universe.
  • Felicity visited Palmer and asked to use his jet. He says he realized she still has feelings for Ollie, but he still agrees to help because he’s a heck of a regular fella.

Tune in to next week’s episode, “Al Sah-him” where we will hopefully find out all of this is part of Oliver’s master plan to………reclaim his fortune?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW and CTV.