Arrow: Public Enemies

Cate Cameron/The CW
Cate Cameron/The CW

Self-sacrifice was a strong theme as both Oliver and eventually Roy gave themselves up for the good of the team. The other major theme of the night? Press conferences!

Picking up with last week’s attack on the Starling City mayor, Public Enemies saw the entire Arrow team on the run from the law. After once again being set up for another killing he did not commit, Oliver met up with Nyssa to ask for her help in finding the league of assassins. After using the memory of Sara to guilt trip her, she returned to the Arrow cave with the location of where the league was hiding out. The team found nothing when they searched and were instead surrounded by the police. This scene was awesome and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It’s also when I really began to worry for Roy. First when he was separated from the others and then when he had to injure a couple officers which brought up all sorts of demons. Once he was cheerfully chatting away with Thea in bed, I knew doom was near.

Laurel’s encounter with her father during the police chase was great and I would’ve loved to see how it played out but Nyssa showed up to save the day. When she re-confronted him in his office, he was fresh off receiving two big blows courtsey of Ra’s. One, that Oliver lied about Sara being on Lian Yu, and two, Oliver is in fact the Arrow. A fact that many Arrow fans suspected Captain Lance knew, as he admitted to Laurel however, I believe had he known, he would have played that card sooner. Not only was he angry about the Sara revelation but that Oliver has been constantly lying to him since his return. In his eyes Oliver has done nothing but lie and with Sara actually dead, its easily believable he’d slip back into that anger he had all those years for Oliver Queen. Captain Lance was given a healthy dose of dialogue this episode. Not only was he kidnapped by big baddie Ra’s al Ghul, but he also held what like 5…6 press conferences? Seriously, I started to feel like an associated member of the press. Actor Paul Blackthorne was probably thrilled, I imagine he filmed all of those scenes within an hour.

After Ra’s poses an ultimatum to Oliver, the league or jail, Ollie walks into the police station to hand himself over to fifty trigger happy cops. With a warrant out for any Arrow accomplices, the whole team does the dumbest thing they can do and shows up at the police station together. Capt. Lance said as much when they passed him by. They could all be wearing signs saying “Super Hero support team” and it wouldn’t be more obvious. Oliver’s arguments about self-sacrifice must have sent mixed signals because instead of letting Oliver take the fall, Roy (probably believing Oliver is a more pertinent member of the team) ambushed the transport and turned himself in as Arrow. The whole transport / fake vigilante scene felt very Dark Knight-esue to me (in a good way). Even if Oliver wanted to somehow put himself back in the sight lines, it’s hard to deny what all of those cops saw up close and in person.

Meanwhile Felicity and Ray had their own side storyline which saw the return of Felicity’s not so bright, but good intentioned mother. Ray was suffering from an arrow to the chest from the earlier attack and during the operation he developed a blood clot that required risky surgery. His new tech could fix it but the doctors weren’t willing to use it in the hospital. Surely this guy could afford private health care and doctors who would put his plan into action immediately? Felicity’s bright idea to do it herself came from all places her mom, who offered to act as a distraction to the doctor. The plan worked (PHEW!) and as a reward Felicity got to hear those three magical words from Ray, “I love you”. Her response was mostly silent but it totally felt like an awkward high school moment. Felicity does not understand why she doesn’t feel the same, after all Ray has a vast knowledge of everything Dr. Who! Her mom breaks the obvious news to her that she is in love with Oliver and that she is going to have to choose.

Additional thoughts

  • During the flashbacks, Oliver was still on the run from A.R.G.U.S. only this time, he met Shado’s sister May. This may come into play later on but for now it was just an unneeded distraction in an otherwise adrenaline pumped episode.
  • The episodes comedic highlight: Felicity’s mother was really disappointed her daughter didn’t have hospital sex.
  • Thea popped in to learn a secret again, about Ra’s offer and to sleep with Roy. I guess that’s more screen time then she got in last week’s role as “Guest at Diggle wedding.”

Do you agree Felicity has to make a choice? If so who do you think she should choose? Will Roy go down without a fight from Oliver? How mad will Lance be if Oliver slips through his fingers again? Be sure to check out the promo for the April 15th episode, “Broken Arrow,” which I hope is not a retelling of the 1996 film with John Travolta and Christian Slater.


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