Arrow: Oliver Queen’s 5 Part Mayoral Campaign

Photo: Diyah Pera/ The CW

In Arrow‘s second episode this season, eponymous superhero-vigilante Oliver Queen announced his intention to run for mayor of newly-named Star City. Based on the photos from next week’s episode, it looks like the #QueenforMayor campaign will be kicking into high gear.

He was too busy throughout Wednesday night’s episode “Restoration,” doing Green Arrow things to put much thought into a serious campaign strategy, so we’ve gone ahead and took up the challenge of drawing one up for everyone’s favorite green-hooded hero. Does Oliver Queen have what it takes to shape up Star City? He sure does!

He’s a great team player

The CW
The CW

Team Arrow–need we say more?

Probably not, but we will anyway. Unlike certain other hooded and masked vigilantes that may or may not adopt winged rats as they symbol, Oliver has never been very good at going solo for any solid period of time. No, Oliver functions much better as part of a team, with tasks relegated to each individual who’s best at said task. Much like a solo man can’t save the city without a little help from his friends, a solo mayor can’t possibly keep the city up-and-running. Oliver is a natural at teamwork.

He’s got a class act First Lady

Anybody who denies the importance of a likeable, charming First Lady to the man in office must not have ever seen the C-SPAN series First Ladies: Influence & Image. Or Michelle Obama’s arms. We can’t think of a single person who dislikes Felicity–she’s friendly and adorable. Heck, even Ray Palmer couldn’t stay angry at Felicity after she broke his heart. Whereas most guys who had just got broken up with would probably be annoyed at their recent ex going to see the ex’s new guy, Palmer went ahead and lent Felicity his plane so she could fly to Nanda Parbat. Plus Olicity as a pair makes quite the gorgeous and fashionable couple.  And she’s a badass–what more could you want?

They have money now

Did you hear? Now that Felicity is the head of a multi-million dollar corporation, they have money now. We’re certain that this will come in handy while Mayor Oliver is attempting to rebuild and stabilize the city. Plus, given the fact that people have finally come to their senses and are leaving the oft terrorist-targeted city in droves, we’re guessing taxpayer dollars aren’t going to be enough to rebuild Star City after all of the madness and destruction that’s happened there over the past 4+ years.

Leadership is in his blood

Moira and Robert Queen may not have always been good leaders, but there’s no denying that Oliver comes from a family that likes to take charge. Though Moira’s mayoral campaign against Sebastian Blood was um, unsuccessful in the end to say the least, she actually had a fairly good chance. While being an effective politician or leader is obviously not hereditary, there’s no doubt that Oliver has been influenced by his parents’ legacy in more ways than one. Who’s to say that his urge towards leadership isn’t another aspect of that influence?

He’s always fought for his city–whether they accepted him or not

Oliver is a hero, and has a tendency to do the right thing even when it’s hard or he doesn’t get a whole lot of love for it. Hell, he was Ra’s Al Ghul’s heir apparent for a minute and allowed everyone to hate him because he believed it was the best way to save the city and his friends/family. That self-sacrificing tendency will lend a whole lot of heart into any mayoral legacy that Oliver leaves behind.


What do you think of our potential campaign points for Oliver? Does the Arrow have your vote? Chime in by commenting below!

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW and CTV.