Arrow: The Demon’s Head


Last week Arrow took a break from its overall arc to focus on bigger universe building. While it was fun to see the Flash and Arrow mix it up, Wednesday night’s episode, “The Climb” thankfully brought Sara’s murder back to the forefront of the storytelling as well as a breath of fresh air in new baddie Ra’s Al Ghul.

Whilst dropping off a Christmas present to Det. Lance, Oliver was ambushed by the League of Assassins and tasked with finding Sara’s killer in only 48 hours or else “blood will flow the streets.” The threat seemed pretty harsh coming from Nyssa, who at times has helped the team. Felicity’s DNA evidence came back pointing at Oliver, which I think we can all agree was a ridiculous notion. When the idea of Thea was brought up, Ollie was completely reluctant, even in the face of all the evidence. Diggle, backed up by the team (even Roy, Thea’s ex) pointed out Oliver’s blind spot when it comes to family so he decided to pay her a visit as Arrow. The best part of this scene is the jaw dropped look on Oliver’s face when his sister not only attacked him, but then ran and jumped off a roof vigilante style.


As for Ray, we finally got some method to his madness. It was sad to hear he had lost his fiancé but his personal boundaries have been questionable for some time and I find it kind of creepy that he tracked down Felicity via her phone and showed up unannounced. When she demanded to know what his grand plan was, he presented the A.T.O.M. suit. By the end of the episode you couldn’t but feel sorry for both of them. Ray for his tragic loss and Felicity for finding herself involved with another man with a hero complex. She put it best herself when she asked, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

In the flashbacks, Oliver and Maseo were on the hunt for the Omega virus, willing to interrogate whoever they needed too to find it. Tatsu appeared able to hold her own against China White, but was missing when the men returned home. The Hong Kong sequences came full circle, when we learned Maseo was now a member of the league. (I refuse to learn his “new” name.) Once again, Oliver’s past stories conveniently lined up, with a duo revelation of a plant both in the past and presently that aids hypnosis. It was this which aided MM (Malcolm Merlyn) into inducing Thea to attack Sara. All part of his bigger plan to have Oliver kill Ra’s Al Ghul.

Earlier in the episode we saw Ra’s defeat eight men single handily so this was never going to be an easy task. The culminating fight was as exciting as it could be, being so one-sided. Oliver got in one decent blow, but in the end was completely overmatched by Ra’s. Without any backup there to support him, things look bleak for Oliver. Personally I’m hoping Maseo comes to the rescue. It’s great to see MM back in the thick of things pulling strings. But you can bet he will be in Oliver crosshairs if and when he recovers.

Don’t want to get too spoilery but being a fan of comics in general I wasn’t too surprised with this twist. There is defiantly more to Ra’s dropping the 67 years figure, and I imagine Oliver will find a way to overcome this seemingly impossible obstacle.

The problem? That we have to wait until Jan. 21 to see how he does it.



  • After Roy and Ollie were suspects in Sara’s murder I started thinking, is everyone on the team a suspect? What next? Diggle’s footprints at the scene of Sara’s murder?
  • What’s with Ra’s getting to keep his top on a full minute longer than Oliver? Unfair advantage!
  • Mysterious yellow blur attacks Star Labs – a nice nod to The Flash’s midseason finale.
  • Oliver said “I love you” to Felicity. A huge moment, but one neither character got time to enjoy.


What did you think of “The Climb”? Oliver Queen is dead! Finales, midseason or not don’t get any bigger than killing off your main character. Were you expecting Ra’s to get the upper hand on Ollie? Do you care at all with what Laurel does with her time?


Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW and CTV. Returns January 21 2015