Arrow: Calling all Felicity fanatics


Has the lack of Felicity in your life recently gotten you down? Do you find yourself constantly wondering, “Where did she go?” and “Where does she come from?” If so then great news, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for! Arrow returned Wednesday night with an episode titled “The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak,” promising a deep dive into the past of Starling City’s cutest nerd. The origins themselves weren’t that secret as last week’s preview told us everything we needed to know about Felicity’s past: she had dark hair and a computer virus she created would come back to haunt her. But damned if we weren’t excited to watch.

The episode opened with a training montage of various teams leading to Felicity hilariously doing sit ups by herself. Ok, it wasn’t sidesplitting but compared to what we had just seen everyone else doing, I laughed out loud. She was interrupted twice, first by her boss Ray (who always seems to be catching her at the worst of times) and then by her mother, Donna Smoak. The cliché mother-daughter-as-opposites storyline was saved by the spunk of actress Charlotte Ross, who as Donna packed an emotional punch with her rendition of Felicity’s upbringing but also nailed the comedic tone of Arrow. Especially when confronted with Felicity’s various “billionaire friends.” Arrow is heading into darker territory these days and another appearance by Donna would not be unwelcome.

With their respective nights interrupted by a city wide power outage, the team convened in Arrow Cave. (I hate typing that but apparently that’s what it is called.) The power outage was the first step in a master plan by Sauron to conquer Middle Earth. Wait, scratch that … but you have to admit the eye did resemble the one from the Lord of the Rings films. The “group” was actually called Brother Eye and I have to ask, was there ever ANY doubt of who was behind these attacks? Felicity’s constant denials that it could be her ex Cooper (although she had her reasons) combined with his previous attempt to wipe out student loans were huge red flags for me. Even with the evidence pointing to poor Myron, I wasn’t buying it. Cooper claimed to have a grand plan of increasing awareness, however just like the reveal at the end of any (good) Die Hard film, it turned out to all be about money. Kudos to Felicity for taking it upon herself to take action when being held by Cooper. The Felicity of the past would have waited for Oliver to save her, or become a hostage. It shows how much she has grown to take matters into her own hands when given a chance.

As for Ray Palmer, well let’s just say he isn’t letting Starling City bring HIM down! He’s still walking around with a smile plastered on his face talking about giving away free energy. He’s far too pleasant for this cast of characters and I have a feeling there is a wake-up call headed this way for him. Something terrible that will set him off on a path either with or against our heroes. As someone who hopes Queen Consolidated is soon back under Ollie’s control, I’m hoping for the former.

Elsewhere Oliver and Thea got a little bonding time together, but it still felt like two liars tiptoeing around any actual conversation. Malcolm Merlyn’s appearances were cut down to episodic bookends, but you can be sure his true motive will reveal itself soon. Meanwhile, Laurel experienced significantly reduced screen time this week but still managed to make a decision that everyone else around her disagreed with. By ordering a riot squad to confront a group of citizens she managed to make a bad situation worse. Cpt. Lance called her on it immediately and begged her to speak to someone about what was bothering her. This led to her opening up to her new trainer Ted, who put the news of Sara’s death to constructive use for Laurel. Personally, I’m not sure how this will help Laurel grow but I’m up for anything that would break her out of her current funk.

Which brings me to Roy, who spent most of the episode as silent as ever. At one point I was even contemplating leaving him out of this review all together. However in true Arrow fashion, once a character feels not connected with the main plot, they are brought back to it in a BIG way. Remember all those comments from various characters about Roy looking tired the last couple of weeks? Well it turns out he’s been having nightmares … about murdering Sara. I’m not sure I believe this, although it would explain how Sara recognized her killer. I’m more of the mind that these memories are somehow being implanted in Roy by the real killer though. Either way I’m excited to see where this goes, as of all the fan theories I read, I didn’t see a single mention of Roy as a possibility.

What are your thoughts on “The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak”? Were you surprised with the reveal at the end? Do you think Roy killed Sara, or is someone messing with his mind? How will the League of Assassins come into play? Were you also happy to take a break from dreary Hong Kong?


Target practice:

  • Did anyone else notice that an episode about “hacktivists” aired on Nov. 5, aka Guy Fawkes Day? And that the infamous real-world hacking group Anonymous uses the Guy Fawkes mask as their standard symbol?
  • Thea finally explained her mystery funding to Oliver: She inherited the Merlyn estate with Malcolm’s presumed death.
  • Diggle trying to take baby Sara into Arrow Cave had Ollie feeling uncomfortable.” Who’s she going to tell?” shot back Diggle.
  • Oliver taking out those motion-tracking machine guns felt straight out of a video game.
  • Laurel’s line of “Black … defiantly black.” Made me want to “Barf … definitely barf!”



Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW and CTV.