American Idol copies The Voice in promo


Now that The Voice has wrapped its seventh season, Rising Star fell faster on ABC than executives hoped and The Sing-Off has signed off with its holiday special, our televisions are strangely music-free. But not for long. As Fox reminded us with this brand new promo, we’re just weeks away from American Idol‘s Season 14 premiere.

There’s a twist in the promo, though. In an Idol first, the Top 24 are introduced before the audition episodes begin. The twist? We can’t see their faces. Seems like producers and marketers ripped a Blind Auditions page from The Voice bible, huh?

Whether that was the case or not (we say yes), we’re still kind of excited to hear more from some of these mysterious contestants. In the video below, their rendition of “Feeling Good” is actually goosebumps inducing.

The tweaked format also comes at an ideal time. Show ratings have been consistently declining in past years and most of the headlines have revolved around the judges’ selections and feuds rather than the contestants themselves.

In Canada broadcaster Bell Media dropped its rights to air the singing competition in 2015, opting instead to focus on more scripted series in the new year and select reality series, including The Voice.

The Voice, meanwhile, continues to be a top performer for NBC and a strong competitor against the former reality juggernaut, which arguably hasn’t been the same since bad boy judge Simon Cowell departed to launch the now-defunct American version of The X Factor.

The new promo:

American Idol returns to Fox with its audition round on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

Do you have a first impression pick based on the new promo? Feel like Idol is trying new stunts to refresh itself for audiences? Think this might be the last season of the series we’ll be seeing? Let us know all of your thoughts and more in the comments section below.