Agents of SHIELD: Do Not Enter


Way to break my heart, Agents of SHIELD. Just one week before the winter finale and everyone is in a state of mortal danger thanks to a major cliffhanger. “Ye Who Enter Here” started out as a bit of a snoozer, but rapidly heightened the tension in the last 15 minutes of the penultimate episode. Of this half of the season, anyhow.

With their mission to find the hidden city and stop Hydra, the team was forced to split up. Coulson, not wanting to risk Skye running into her father, had her join May and Hunter to retrieve Raina in Vancouver after she was nearly captured by Whitehall’s men. The rest of the team, save for poor Trip who was recovering from his recent gun shot, headed to San Juan to scope out the only accessible entrance to the temple. Skye was worried something terrible was about to happen, but left after some reassurance from Trip.

This episode saw the return of not one but two Agent Keonigs, Billy and Sam, both played by the hilarious Patton Oswalt. It also included the return of the running lanyard gag–even Raina was impressed by them. Billy and Sam were able to maintain humour throughout a severely sober episode, leading us to wonder… how many agent Keonigs are there?

One familiar face (pun intended) we weren’t happy to see was Agent 33, still wearing the face of a now scarred Melinda May. While we didn’t get the opportunity to see another epic May versus May battle, her prodigy Skye kicked some major impostor butt. It was a great moment to see how far Skye has come since her days of running away from fights. Our little girl is all grown up and taking on brainwashed Hydra agents all by herself. In the end, despite Raina’s best efforts and Hunter’s fear of Canadians, they evaded Hydra and brought her safely into SHIELD custody.

Meanwhile, on the way to San Juan, FitzSimmons finally talked about their feelings. Well, sort of. Both of them are still evading Fitz’s romantic confession at the bottom of the ocean, but Fitz did reveal that he’s ready to let Simmons take over the lab. Simmons is convinced that he can make a full recovery, but Fitz insisted that if he couldn’t work with her, he’d rather work for her. I have to say that after waiting weeks for them to finally have a real conversation, this one left a lot to be desired. I know it takes more than one honest discussion to fix a broken relationship (friendship or otherwise), but it still feels like they’ve barely touched the surface of their problems.


In one of the saddest developments of the episode, my favourite theory of Skye being part alien was debunked by Raina, whose reveal about the Kree race would’ve been way more interesting if we hadn’t known about it for nearly a year already. Raina told Skye that the Kree left the Diviner so worthy humans could find the temple and be saved from the Kree’s planned destruction of humanity. When Skye learned that only those who could touch the Obelisk could enter the temple, she tried to warn Coulson before it was too late. Unfortunately Mac had already been lowered into the temple, which caused him to go into a rage and try to kill everyone before Bobbi electrocuted him and sent him hurtling back down into the temple. Coulson told them “that wasn’t Mac” which I’m using to fuel my delusion that Mac is somehow still alive. Whedon family, stop making me love characters before killing them! It’s too cruel.

Things weren’t going well for the rest of the team either. Hydra had them surrounded with quinjets, forcing them to give up both Raina and Skye to Ward. Ward promised to let the team live if Skye went with them, but when Agent 33 told Whitehall the news, he ordered them to have the ship destroyed.

5 burning questions before the Agents of SHIELD winter finale:

  • What is inside that temple? So many Marvel fans have theories about how this storyline could lead to the Inhumans film, but you never know what the writers have up their sleeve.
  • Will we find out Skye’s true identity? Skye meets her father in next week’s episode and after learning about her mother’s origins in the last episode, I’m dying to know her real name.
  • Can Hydra successfully turn the Diviner into a weapon? Considering Whitehall’s Nazi origins, it’s not a huge leap to say he’d be on board with the Krees’ idea of a better world. Like Coulson said, the bad guys love their WMD’s.
  • Seriously, how many Agent Keonig’s are there?
  • What is going to happen to Skye if she enters the temple? Her mother became immortal from one touch of the Diviner and, judging from next week’s promo, going inside the temple may have major consequences.

Did you enjoy tonight’s episode? Sound off below and let us know your burning questions about next week’s winter finale. Watch the trailer for “What They Become,” where Raina hints that her and Skye entering the temple may have some serious repercussions.

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