Agent Carter: The boiling point


Things are certainly heating up as we get closer to the end of Agent Carter. (Too soon?) Another one of the SSR’s members met his maker in Tuesday’s episode, but at this point in the series are we really that upset by it?

“Snafu” took us right where we left off last episode, with Peggy being questioned following her arrest by the SSR. While in custody Peggy was finally able to lay down some hard truths about her treatment by the organization–how it was their ignorance and sexism that helped her slide right under their nose time and time again. Her warnings, however, fell on deaf ears as Dottie and Ivchenko continued to plot within the walls of the SSR.

Soon after her arrest, Jarvis forced his way into the SSR (so to speak) to provide a signed confession from Howard Stark. Dooley was forced to let Peggy go but not before firing her. The confession was a fake, of course, but it bought Peggy a little more time and an opportunity to catch Ivchenko in the act of communicating with Dottie. Unfortunately things only went downhill from there.

Much of the episode was devoted to Dooley and Ivchenko, who continued to use his hypnotizing ability to his advantage. He managed to take control of Dooley using his wife and children as a distraction and locked away Peggy and Jarvis, took the item Leviathan was after and let Ivchenko walk out the door. But not before Ivchenko reminded him he had one thing left to do.

Thompson and Sousa, meanwhile, were on the other side of the street, tracking down Dottie. Truth be told, I didn’t think Sousa was going to make it out of that building alive, especially once he caught sight of our favourite Russian spy. Lucky for him his main character status kept him around for at least one more episode–too bad another SSR red shirt wasn’t quite as lucky.


They made it back to headquarters in time to find Dooley in another failed Howard Stark experiment that was set to explode any moment. Always the noble hero, Dooley opted not to have anyone help him, but threw himself out the window before the explosion could hurt anyone else. His final act of heroism combined with the fantasies of seeing his family one last time probably should have made me feel something, but it simply fell flat. While I never really disliked Dooley to the point where I hated Thompson, I never cared for him either. Which maybe shows the one fatal flaw in the show–the SSR have become far more like antagonists than heroes to the audience.

During Peggy’s confession early in the episode, Dooley himself was in utter disbelief at the idea that anyone, let alone Peggy, could get away with everything she had. Even the characters in the show can’t wrap their head around their own incompetence. So, Dooley, while the people of Agent Carter will surely miss you, I won’t be one of them.

Regardless, Peggy and the rest of the SSR will have their hands full with Leviathan in the season finale. The final moments of the episode showed Dottie testing out item 17 on a theatre full of strangers, with shocking results. It turns out the item was a chemical weapon that turns people into savage killers. I guess now we know what happened at Finnow.

A bonus “Snafu” or two:

  • The little banter between Jarvis and Peggy before smashing the window with the table was precious. Only Jarvis could need a pep talk before trying to escape police custody.
  • I’m so shocked Leviathan wasn’t after Steve’s blood! What a massive red herring. Though, with one episode left, it still could come into play.
  • Speaking of, the moment Peggy handed over Steve’s blood was absolutely heart wrenching. You could see in her face how devastated she was to give that up. Well done, Hayley Atwell.
  • I love that the ladies at the “phone company” are armed, despite the fact that it makes no sense according to SSR “women are helpless” logic.
  • With only one episode left, I’m seriously hoping for a ratings increase in the States. Agent Carter hasn’t really performed well and the show is in real danger of not being renewed. ABC, don’t let this gem of a show die!

Were you touched by Dooley’s farewell? Sound off in the comments below. Meanwhile, you can watch the preview for next week’s finale, “Valediction.” With Leviathan one step closer to victory, Peggy and the SSR are going to have to work together to stop them.

Agent Carter airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CTV and ABC.