8 Things To Know About Workin’ Moms Season 3


It’s not only the kids on Workin’ Moms that are growing, but their moms are as well. In Season 3 of the CBC comedy series, premiering Thursday, January 10 at 9 p.m. ET with back-to-back episodes, the moms will be forced to answer some very important questions. A pregnant Kate (Catherine Reitman) is still dealing with the fallout from finding out that husband Nathan (Philip Sternberg) was cheating on her. She’s not only got a new baby due any minute, but she’s also trying to get her new business off the ground and running. At least she and best friend Anne (Dani Kind) have mended fences, especially since Anne will still be processing all of her Brad-related trauma as she takes a new job.

Elsewhere, Frankie (Juno Rinaldi) is doing better than ever before, thanks to a real estate business that selling houses left and right. We’ve never seen her this successful, but will she be able to maintain everything moving forward as new demands are placed on her? Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) also makes a return to the fold this season, bringing with her a renewed interest in motherhood and advancing her career.

To get an idea about more of what’s to come on this season of Workin’ Moms, The TV Junkies recently spoke with creator/star Reitman. She previewed more of what’s in store for each woman, as well as how they may handle the challenges headed their way.


Kate makes some questionable choices

Not only does Kate have to figure out how to co-parent with Nathan after everything they’ve been through, but she’s also trying to get her new business up and running. “Kate as a single mother, starting her own business, and being the mother to a newborn felt like some really rich soil to tell stories from for a character who is unapologetically ambitious,” Reitman explained. Starting a new business alone means that she’s got more going on than any other season. “This season she’s got to keep these balls in the air because she can’t afford anything else. She’s got to keep her business in motion and be there for her kids. These aren’t things she can lean on a partner to do,” said Reitman. She also confirmed that the added stress and pressure means audiences “can expect to see a lot of ballsy, flawed choices” from Kate.


Is Kate moving on?

There’s no justifying Philip’s affair and as you’d expect, he will be sticking around and trying to be involved in his children’s lives. However, figuring out that whole co-parenting situation with Nathan doesn’t mean that Kate won’t get back out there. Reitman teased to us that “we’re also going to see Kate have some fun and have a little romance.” Looks like we’ll have to tune into Season 3 to see exactly what or who she’s referring to.

Mommy and Me is gone, but Val isn’t

Just because the Workin’ Moms kids are no longer babies or in the Mommy and Me group doesn’t mean that group leader Val (Sarah McVie) is going anywhere. Rest easy Val fans, Reitman feels the same way. “There’s no way I could ever say goodbye to a character like Val!” In fact, Reitman even previewed that “we’re going to follow Val into her personal life.” That’s right, Val will have her very own storyline later in the season and Reitman said it turned out great. “We loved it and I think it’s going to be a great part of the story.”


Kate and Anne are stronger than ever

If you’re anything like us, Season 2 was tough to watch at times because of the conflict between Kate and Anne. After all, “it’s the heart of the show,” said Reitman. “Their friendship is so important to me, to the audience and we always say the romance between them is what the show has ended up cruxing on.” So after a season that saw the two women fighting throughout most of it, thankfully in Season 3 their relationship is stronger than ever. “We really wanted to bring them back to what we love seeing them do, which is lean on each other. They’ll have independent stories and go through their own hardships, but Kate and Anne will have each other’s backs,” confirmed Reitman.

Anne gets (even more) angry

“Anne is such a remarkable character and that really speaks to Dani Kind,” Reitman said of the fiery redhead who finally took down her ex, Dr. Brad, and his deplorable behavior at the end of Season 2. However, expect the toll of all that to have its effect. ”If a woman experiences trauma the way Anne did, it’s just too convenient to go into Season 3 and say she’s fixed and fine. The truth is that a lot of us carry around anger, sadness and confusion about a trauma like that,” explained Reitman. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the audience comes to Workin’ Moms to see. “We’re lucky in that we have this character that the audience loves to see angry. People love Angry Anne,” joked Reitman. Anne will channel that anger into a new job as a psychiatrist at the university mental health centre, where we will “get to see the complicated footwork of someone who has experience trauma giving out trauma support, like only Anne can.”

Activate Protective Anne

Not only will Anne be dealing with a new job, but “she also has a heavy duty Alice storyline this season.” The only main mom that has an older child, Anne and Alice (Sadie Munroe) allow the series to tell different kinds of stories. It turns out that Anne’s new job may be affecting her relationship with Alice as well. “With what happened to Anne in Season 2, and the trauma she experienced, and lack of trust she now has after working with these victims, it’s going to come out in her mothering of her daughter. She becomes more protective than ever,” Reitman previewed.


Frankie is doing more than fine

After Frankie ended Season 2 on a pretty high note, Reitman said that “we wanted to open this season for her with a bang.” She went on to explain that “we wanted to see her shine, win and be fucking great at her job.” While the season starts off great, it doesn’t mean that Frankie won’t eventually run into some challenges. “Unfortunately with success like that, you also attract people who want to take advantage of you. She’s got to look out for herself in Season 3,” Reitman said. Not only is Frankie doing great this season, but Reitman couldn’t speak highly enough of the woman portraying her either. “I’ve got to say that this is such a good Juno season. She’s hilarious this season and right in the pocket. She understands when to play the heart and when to play the comedy. I’m just floored by her work.”

Jenny’s back!

After taking Season 2 to focus on working dad Ian (Dennis Andres), the series shifts focus back to his ex, Jenny. “Jenny has always been a favorite of mine,” Reitman said. A lot of that, while maybe not so likable to say, is because Reitman can relate to the character a lot. “I remember when I had a baby feeling like ‘am I still fucking cute? Do I still have something to me that people will find interesting?’ Her selfishness is something that most women have had to train ourselves to hide or turn off. I like that she’s unabashadley an egoist, wants everything and doesn’t want to apologize for it. I think it’s really refreshing and hilarious. I missed her in Season 2.” she explained. She doesn’t think she’s alone in feeling that way either, saying “I think the audience is going to love it and she’s so funny this season.”


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Workin’ Moms Season 3 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC and is available on CBC Gem. Season 3 premieres Thursday, January 10 with back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. ET.