8 Reasons We’re Happy Supergirl Made Katie McGrath a Series Regular

Bettina Strauss/The CW
Bettina Strauss/The CW

Well it looks like Lena Luthor will be sticking around National City! It was announced on Wednesday that Supergirl has made actress Katie McGrath a series regular for Season 3. The actress first appeared during the Season 2 premiere episode as the sister of Superman villain Lex Luthor. She’s battled with her mother Lillian (Brenda Strong), head of the evil Cadmus, all season long and that’s caused Lena’s true allegiances to be a bit of a mystery.

The news of more McGrath is one that we here at The TV Junkies are pretty ecstatic about. We’ve been long time fans of the Irish actress from her roles in Slasher, Frontier and Merlin. In fact, we’ve got quite a few reasons why we’re happy McGrath is joining Supergirl as a regular next season. Check those out below and then let us know your thoughts about having Lena around more!


It’s Katie McGrath!

As I said, we’re long time fans of McGrath’s work, and she’s a very talented actress capable of playing a wide range of roles. McGrath always seems to add extra layers to the characters she plays, making them even more fun for viewers. It’s nice to see Supergirl recognize that when you have an actress of McGrath’s caliber, you don’t waste it. Instead, you use it and by making her a regular it seems that’s exactly what the show is poised to do.


The Lena Luthor Mystery Continues

Since the moment viewers — and everyone on Supergirl who isn’t Kara — met Lena there’s been questions around her true motivation. She has claimed all along that she wants to shed her family’s bad reputation and is on the side of good, even testifying against her evil mother, but we’re still not 100 per cent sure she’s telling the truth. While she’s not done anything to prove that she’s evil like her brother, some key flashbacks earlier this season showed that Lena is even better at playing chess than Lex. Could she be working the long game? By adding McGrath as a regular that means this mystery is sure to be given more attention come Season 3 and color us intrigued!


“Yes!” to more powerful ladies

Can there ever be too many powerful, intriguing and complex ladies on a television show? If you follow us here at The TV Junkies then you know we’ll answer that with a resounding “hell no!” Supergirl has done a great job this season with giving viewers not just one or two, but multiple complex female characters. If making McGrath a regular means we’ll get even more screen time for one of them how could that possibly be a bad thing?

Lena is Kara’s only female friend

Sure it was great to see Kara, James and Winn reunite as the “Superfriends” on this week’s episode, but a girl also needs her gal pals. While Alex is always there for her sister, and we’ve really enjoyed the few one on one scenes Kara and Maggie have had, Lena really is the only person that fits that bill for Kara at the moment. Female friendships play a very important role in any woman’s life and I’m glad for Kara’s sake that her friend will be sticking around!


Could Kara and Lena be more than just friends?

I know, I know, Kara is now back together with Mon-El and seemingly moving forward with that relationship. Plus, as stated above, Kara and Lena seem to each have a really good female friend for the first time in their lives. But is that really all they are? While I’ve tried to tell myself that I don’t think the Supergirl writers would really “go there” between Kara and Lena, the moments between the two characters that seem more than friendly keep adding up. As a wise Supergirl recapper I know once said, “if you don’t want me to want them to date each other, you can’t keep giving them the most romantic moments ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.”


McGrath and Melissa Benoist have crazy chemistry

Now whether or not you’re a Supercorp shipper and believe Lena and Kara have anything more than friendship, it’s hard to find a Supergirl viewer who could deny the chemistry between McGrath and Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist. Any scene between the actresses is a complete delight to watch, as they both seem to be having such a great time playing out these moments. It’s pretty easy to believe there’s a mutual admiration between the characters when it’s so evident that the actresses playing them feel the same way. But it’s not just the fun and light moments, Benoist and McGrath have played the dramatic conflict that has arisen at times just as well. I’m so happy we’ll get to see these two actresses work together and can’t wait for many more Season 3 moments between them.

More moments with Mommy Dearest

Some of the best scenes this season have been between Lena and her evil mother Lillian. It’s always a joy to watch the match between two talented actresses like McGrath and Strong, so we’re hoping that Lena being a more prominent player in Season 3 also means that we’ll be seeing more of the deliciously evil Lillian!

Lena as part of the team

So far on Supergirl Lena’s main interactions have come with Kara. While those are lovely, it’d be great to see Lena interact and work with Alex, J’onn and other members of team Supergirl. It’s still not clear whether or not Lena knows that Kara is actually Supergirl, but regardless we’d love to see her working with the team. It’s not a surprise they’ve doubted her intentions throughout Season 2, but that’s also partially because they don’t know her. Maggie has seamlessly integrated into the team and hopefully by making McGrath a regular for Season 3 that means we can see a similar thing happen with Lena.

OK now how about a celebratory hug!


Are you happy to see McGrath added for Season 3? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

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