7 Reasons to Watch Baroness von Sketch Show


It’s easy to miss out on new television series out there during the summer and who can blame you? The sun is shining and it’s finally warm, so most of us are out and about enjoying the outdoors. However, we here at The TV Junkies wanted to let you know that you may have missed a reason to take a breather, come on inside, relax and enjoy that AC for awhile.

For the past five weeks Baroness Von Sketch Show on CBC has been making us laugh and laugh HARD. The all-female, single-camera sketch comedy series has us belly laughing at its many insightful and true to life sketches that are jam packed into each half hour episode. Sketch comedy veterans Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen all serve as writers, stars and executive producers of the comedy series.

Before the Baroness Von Sketch Show season finale airs Tuesday, July 19 at 9:30 p.m. we thought we’d take a quick minute to let you know why this series is one you don’t want to miss. In fact, we’ve went ahead and compiled a list of reasons why you should be watching these ladies. Oh and don’t worry about the fact that Season 1 is almost over. You can catch up in no time, as all episodes are available online at CBC’s website. Also, if you’re in the US then check out sketches from the show on CBC Comedy’s YouTube channel.

It’s grounded in reality

A lot of what makes the sketches on Baroness Von Sketch Show so hilarious is that they are so relatable to the viewer — sometimes painfully so! Yes, these ladies are offering up a hilarious take on everyday life. “Some of them do come from our lives,” Whalen says about the realistic feel of the sketches. Browne adds that while “some of our sketches are a little more silly or out there,” the women have always tried to “start out with something that’s true.” Even some of the more “out there” sketches like a space mission to Mars all start in some form of reality. “Obviously none of us have ever been to Mars, but we know about lying on your resume to appear better or try to get something you feel would be otherwise unattainable,” explains Taylor. It’s those roots that really take the sketches on Baroness to another level for us.


It really showcases Toronto

The sketches on Baroness were shot 100 per cent on location which means the viewer is really taken on a tour of Toronto thanks to these ladies. The on location shoots not only highlighted the city, but it meant for an accelerated shooting pace for the women. “When you have to change hair, makeup, costume, location and everything for every sketch it was a like a white-knuckle ride for us,” says Taylor. MacNeill adds that “we were just running from sketch to sketch and I was amazed how fast we’d transform from one character to another.” So while being on location definitely adds visually to the show, and gives a fresh feeling to all of the sketches, there may have been some other benefits as well. Whalen jokes that because of all the “quick changes in bathrooms there were a lot of days where I felt like a superhero with a really crap superpower. On the upside I have a new life skill. I can change completely out of my clothes, including shoes, and touch nothing in a public washroom.”

It’s all about realistic women

One thing that we find completely refreshing and especially love about Baroness is that it’s showcasing women talking and joking about topics we’ve traditionally only seen men discuss onscreen. From the fear of showing your body in front of other women at the gym, to drinking too much red wine during a girls’ night out and the awkwardness of buying feminine products, these ladies are going to be discussing it. “We waited a long time and we wanted our own show where we could talk honestly as women. It’s time to see more women up there talking to each other the way women actually do,” says Browne. In doing so she says “there’s a ton of material there that maybe hasn’t been focused on before and it’s really rich material.”

The sketches are for all audiences

While many women’s issues are certainly covered by the sketches, “a bunch of stuff isn’t gender related at all,” says Taylor. MacNeill adds that “the response from men has been excellent.” Even sketches seemingly more aimed at females, such as the locker room sketch, have actually garnered a great response from men. “We’ve learned a lot of weird things happen in men’s locker rooms. It’s been very eye opening for us,” jokes Whalen. The ladies say they are hearing positive responses from people of all ages and genders. “It’s truly satisfying because we launched the show wanting to make it truly relatable, and then to hear the response back that it was, is for me a big success,” says MacNeill.

Equal representation

A big topic in television in 2016 has definitely been queer representation and the lack of it on our screens each week. Baroness goes against that trend and many of its sketches have LGBT themes and focus to them. Showrunner Taylor explains that “for all of us we wanted to bring our identities and our experiences, so part of that was bringing the queer experience as well. It was important to have all our voices heard and that’s certainly one of the voices. We’re all, if not queer, queer allies so it felt important and great and we would like to have even more representation.”


Bet you can’t pick a favorite!

As we said above, the show is very relatable and chances are you’ll end up liking so many of the sketches that you’ll find it hard to pick a favorite. You’re not alone in that. Even the show’s four stars have a hard time when it comes to picking which sketch they love the most. “Every day was so different and was a wonderful challenge that it’s hard to say which one,” explains Whalen after she was asked to choose. She finally agrees that “Locker Room Birthday” was “certainly a favorite of all of ours.” Taylor says that “personally I love when we’re at the cottage. Paul Braunstein’s performance in that is inspiring.” She also says an upcoming sketch really stood out for her as well. “There’s another sketch in the finale about a lesbian couple coming to the vet with their cat,” Taylor says, before adding that the group also really loved “‘Private Vagina’ where the woman is in the pharmacy trying to get some Monistat.” After watching all the episodes this season we’re inclined to side with the Baroness ladies and say that it’s impossible to pick just one.

The Season 2 Outlook is Good

As of yet, CBC has not announced a renewal for Season 2 of Baroness but it seems that the outlook is favorable. When asked about the Season 2 renewal Whalen says the group’s feeling is “very good.” While they couldn’t divulge much else about a second season, we’re feeling pretty hopeful here at The TV Junkies that we’ll get to see some more sketches beyond Tuesday’s finale from these funny ladies in the future.


Have you already caught Baroness Von Sketch Show? Are you thinking of checking it out? Sound off in the comments below!

Baroness Von Sketch Show airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBC. All episodes are available online at CBC’s website or if you’re in the US check out sketches from the show on CBC Comedy’s YouTube channel.