4 WTF Emmy nominee moments


Well, here we are. Another year, another list of What-The-Frack moments to pull from the Thursday morning Emmy Nominations announcement in Los Angeles. To be fair, we get it–there’s a lot of good television out there to choose from, and everyone has specific tastes. Of course no one is going to be 100 per cent happy all the time. But sometimes certain things go down and you really just can’t help but wonder how the heck that actually happened. For instance …

Tatiana Maslany didn’t get nominated. Again. 

There are people who love Orphan Black, and there are people who don’t. That’s life. But how a group of supposed television watchers can’t acknowledge an actress who plays several roles in the same series without it looking like a Saturday Night Live sketch is beyond me. The worst part is that this is exactly what happened last year and it kicked off crazy fan campaigns heading into this year’s vote. The critics get it. The fans get it. The Emmys … well they need to learn that sometimes you actually should give the people what they want. But there is a silver lining here: in not being nominated, Maslany has become the subject of many blog posts and news articles. If she had gotten a nod, the press wouldn’t be nearly as explosive for her and the show as it is now.

The sad lack of diversity

When did Kerry Washington become the involuntary ambassador for multiculturalism on television? Sure, there are some nominees in smaller categories (think guest-starring roles and miniseries) who aren’t white, but in the main categories? Washington stands alone. Obviously this is all a bigger problem about the people we’re hiring to helm our shows, but now is as good a time as any to start having conversations about it, right?

Dramedy is the new black

What’s up with all the clown tears lately? It always seems like certain shows get nominated in comedy categories when they are clearly better suited for drama, and we just don’t get it. It’s like Edie Falco said the year she won for Nurse Jackie: “I’m not funny!” For every Big Bang Theory there’s a show like Glee, Jackie, The Big C and now Orange is the New Black that has infiltrated these lists, making the need for some sort of dramedy category abundantly clear. Anne T. Donahue over at Yahoo Canada has a pretty interesting take on it all.

Monday is the new fun day

We’ve known for weeks that this year the Emmys move to Monday night, but that doesn’t make it any less surprising given how late the program tends to run or the fact that Monday is pretty much the worst day of the week for an awards show. We get that Sundays can be competitive, and that no one tends to be home on a Saturday. But Monday? No one wants to stay up late and watch pretty people win things when they have to worry about getting up early the next day. At least put it on a Thursday when people are already starting to at least think about the weekend.


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The Emmys, hosted by Seth Meyers, airs Monday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC