19-2 returns: what’s ahead in Season 2


When you have a show that tackles issues like elderly abuse, violence against women, gangs and suicide, where do you go next? If you’re Canadian drama 19-2 (recently nominated for 10 Canadian Screen Awards), you go even darker. With a school shooting.

As previously reported, the Season 2 premiere has stars Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso and the rest of the crew performing a 13-minute rolling scene as they enter a two-storey school building where a shooter is on the loose.

From there, there are several key developments that take place over the course of the second season. The TV Junkies visited the Montreal set over the summer to bring you some of the juicier details.


Welcome to the theme of Season 2. As we saw at the end of last season, Ben Chartier (Keeso) is facing a bit of a moral dilemma: spy on his team and flesh out a rat, or continue turning a blind eye to some of the more questionable actions the officers have taken. The theme doesn’t stop there, though. Bear (Mylène Dinh-Robic) has to decide whether to stay with her alcoholic partner Tyler (Benz Antoine), and several other characters will face similar questions.

“Where is loyalty owed and where is betrayal inevitable,” showrunner Bruce M. Smith told us. “It’s all over. It’s more about finding connections. Is that a betrayal or a mistake?”


After THAT ridiculous potential suicide scene between Nick (Holmes) and Ben in Season 1, it was inevitable that the partners were going to grow closer in Season 2. But thanks to events that go down in the pilot, the guys are going to just get each other in a way they didn’t before.

“Nick will be the only one who can turn to Ben and say, ‘I know what you’re going through,'” Smith teased.


Looking forward to more of that steamy, Season 1 love triangle? Don’t hold your breath. Apparently 19-2 is SO good at casting its female characters that they wind up losing them (full-time). Both Sarah Allen, who plays Catherine, and Tattiawna Jones, who plays Amélie, are now leading ladies on other shows (Remedy and Strange Empire, respectively) and won’t be popping up straight away on Season 2 of 19-2.

According to Smith, not having access to the actress wasn’t problematic in terms of storylines.

“Sometimes the nature of the stories we’re telling requires us to put a character on the back-burner,” he said. “Everything has fallen through the story. We haven’t had to change anything for reality.”


In the first episode back viewers will meet Kaz (Richard Chevolleau), Nick’s shady cousin who will play a larger role in the season as we go on.

“Nick’s story is that his mother left his father, moved him out to the suburbs when he was a teenage,” Smith explained. “Nick starts to explore the old neighbourhood and wonder what would have happened to him if his father hadn’t disappeared.”

The introduction of Kaz also comes with a fun little scene involving a giant snake. Fun behind-the-scenes fact? Keeso was actually so scared of the reptile that he wasn’t able to perform the original scene as it was scripted, since that scene involved him holding and coddling the thing.


If you didn’t cover your eyes when Audrey (Laurence Leboeuf) took that brutal Season 1 beating then we’re going to go ahead and venture to guess that you also hate puppies? Anyhow, the second season will have some fun arcs for the officer as she comes back to the job and deals with the psychological repercussions of what went down in Season 1. It’s one of the many character departures the show is taking from the French-Canadian version.

“That’s something in English we decided to invest a lot more time in than they had in the French version,” Smith said. “It had to do with the way we felt about the emotional impact of what we’ve done to that character. So that’s a key storyline throughout the season–Audrey trying to get back what she’s lost and who she was.”

Does that mean she’ll run back to Nick, following all of the crap he put her through in Season 1? Doubtful, said Smith. “Neither of them are ready to go back and make those mistakes again. There’s a distance between them.”

Be sure to watch for some fun girl scenes with Audrey and Bear, however.

“Those two characters are fun no matter what you do with them,” Smith added. “It’s great to have them together but we do lots of stuff with them.”


Who could forget the memorable fight scene between Nick and Ben at the cottage? That dinner room table will never be the same. Naturally, we were curious if the partners could have anymore fun fight scenes in their near futures…

“Never say never,” Smith laughed.


19-2 returns for Season 2 on Monday, Jan. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo, and repeats Tuesday–commercial-free–on CTV.

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