19-2 goes rogue

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As 19-2 set out to establish on Monday, some things just can’t be undone—although in Bear’s defense, with enough time, money and tolerance for pain she could have eventually made that tattoo disappear if she ended up regretting it. Nick, for however long he may stand at Antony Tremblay’s feet, will never be able to pull the bullet out of his brain and make him breathe again. And he’ll never quite be the cop he was before as a result.

It’s appropriate the transgressive episode was named “Property Line,” a nice nod to the eviction notices being served, but a deeper commentary on how the cops at 19 are crossing lines they can’t go back on. Bear wasn’t wrong to find herself agreeing with J.M. that one day Tyler may get himself hurt—but you could also argue the damage has already been done. As enough real-world experiences have taught us, people don’t easily forgive the rushed killing of a person in need of mental help by the city’s cops.

But it will be fascinating to see Tyler live with the public consequences of his lack of thinking as Nick has to carry his own burden in secret. And while there wouldn’t be too many people out there who would hold murdering a pedophile against him, Nick—in an attempt to clear his good name—dirtied it forever. Whether or not the secret’s out, those beats of the camera lingering on Nick’s face as he looked at what Kaz had done showed the obvious traces of grief for the cop he’d been only a few minutes before. Everyone is readying for Tyler’s emotional downfall now, but I’m not sure anyone is ready for the effect this will have on Nick—not that they’ll know the reasons.

I really thought Nick was going to restrain himself to simply staking out Tremblay’s house while he waited to see if SQ would follow up on their tip (and maybe take a stab at trusting him), expecting Kaz to be behind the clearly irresponsible decision to snoop the house as Tremblay left. And while technically I wasn’t too far off the mark as far as who the rash decision maker would be, I was stunned to see Nick dragged into covering up a death on his cousin’s account. Sure, the series has been headed towards pulling Nick into something bad thanks to Kaz, but I never expected him to be so complicit.

Though perhaps a more tantalizing moment was those brief seconds after Tremblay dropped Isabelle’s name as the mole before playing it into a round-up of everyone at 19 Nick was associated with and outing Kaz’ role in the break in. There was something off about the way Isabelle spoke with Gendron last week and happened to be one of the few to keep her phone that threw up a giant red flag for me, and her closeness with Nick—one of the indicators from SQ’s opening salvo—has left me questioning every line and tone since. Everyone has, in one way or another, been a suspect so far except for Isabelle. As Nick mimicked Ben’s questioning observation of his team, the one person he never thought to include was his ex-wife. But the more Gendron and Isabelle talk, the more I suspect our mole isn’t one of the beat guys.

But in a way the whole precinct has been compromised at this rate, with Ben deceiving his team, J.M. suffering weekly as a result of his horrific home life, Audrey’s face getting out there twice for the worst reasons, and now Tyler and Nick ending the week with blood on their hands. Looking back, is it any wonder Bear—who’s been such a keen observer of the group—would hesitate when faced with an irreversible decision? It’s the kind of measured thinking her colleagues could use a bit more of.

Were you shocked by what Nick and Kaz did? Who do you think the mole is? Should Bear have gotten another wicked tattoo anyway? Sound off below!

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