15 Things we really wanna see in Rookie Blue Season 6


A new season of Rookie Blue is almost upon us (only three weeks to go!) and we’re not going to lie–we here at The TV Junkies are pretty excited to see Andy, Gail, Sam, Oliver and everyone else at 15 Division back on our small screens again. So before Season 6 of the cop drama premieres on Thursday, May 21 on Global (and then Thursday, June 25 on ABC), we thought it’d be fun to put together a small wishlist of things we’d love to see at some point during Season 6.

Over five seasons of Rookie Blue there have been lots of fun moments and Season 6 is bound to bring us many more, but what really makes Blue so great are the characters and their interactions. We can’t help but love the small, special moments that reveal exactly what makes these guys really tick or showcases the great ensemble of characters that makes up Rookie Blue. These are the things that give us the most joy. These are the moments we want more of in Season 6.

So without further ado we present our official Season 6 wish list. We’ve undoubtedly left off a few of your wishes and hopes so make sure to sound off in the comments below and let us know what you want to see most.

Gail Peck’s Biting Wit

Is there anything better than when Gail Peck gets all snarky and sarcastic and grumpily tells off one of her fellow officers? Here’s hoping that despite her somewhat softer demeanour thanks to her adoption quest in Season 6, she doesn’t lose all of that edge we know and love so well.


Peck Sibling Bonding Time

With Holly seemingly off to San Francisco with a new job for the foreseeable future, Gail is going to need someone to lean on and have her back. Who better for the job than her older brother Steve? Here’s hoping we see more moments of love and teasing between the Peck siblings.


Karaoke – Rookie Blue style

Who didn’t love it when Andy McNally broke out in song and busted out her version of “More Than Words?”


Or that time when Oliver cheered Chloe up by singing some Bon Jovi?


More Rookie Blue characters making a fool of themselves through song is definitely something we want to see more of in Season 6.

More of our favourite non-romantic couples

One of the best things about Rookie Blue being an ensemble is all the great pairings that it lends itself to, and we’re not talking about romantic ones. We’re talking about the great friendships and partnerships that come out of this large cast of characters and there’s several that we’re hoping to see more of in Season 6.

Andy and Chloe riding together

It sure seems like every time Andy and Chloe ride in a car together something bad happens doesn’t it? Yet we can’t help it, we absolutely adore when these two goofs are paired up and can only hope that if it happens again in Season 6 they will buck the trend and some life-threatening situation (such as being shot at) won’t happen this time around.

Chloe and Nick time

Right along those same lines is the magic that happens on screen whenever Nick and Chloe are paired up. Nick’s the total straight man to Chloe’s lovable goof and we can’t help but love this budding brother/sister relationship–not to mention the fact that Peter Mooney and Priscilla Faia just ooze on-screen chemistry.


Gail and Oliver shenanigans

Perhaps one of our favourite non-couple couples is Gail Peck and Staff Sgt Oliver Shaw. You see, Gail Peck is a little prickly, something we quite love about her (see above), but you see no one can resist the charms of Oliver Shaw. Not even Gail. When these two are together on-screen we can’t help but smile.


The return of the Dov/Chris bromance

Season 5 saw one of the show’s great duos, best friends Chris and Dov, hit a bit of a rough patch as Chris struggled with drug addiction. Here’s hoping with Chris back from rehab and hopefully on his way to a full recovery that his bromance with Dov will quickly follow suit.


Oliver’s Inevitable Very Bad Day

Just like change, it’s inevitable that Oliver Shaw will have a horrible, no good, very bad day at least once a season. Unfortunately for Oliver, his pain is usually our pleasure as these are some of our favourite episodes each season. Besides, who doesn’t want more of the great Matty B. Gordon right?


Girls’ Night Out

If you ask us, it’s been FAR too long since the ladies of Rookie Blue had a proper “Girls’ Night Out” together. We’re long overdue for another night of Andy, Chloe, Gail and Traci hanging out together. Sure, the girls are all busy with life and their respective relationships but everyone needs some quality time with their best girls every now and then. Let’s hope we see a return of this in Season 6!


More Group Outings

While we’re at it, let’s not just stop at “Girls’ Nights.” We also want more group outings in general. One of the best ways to showcase the fantastic ensemble this show has is to put them all in one spot and take in all the interactions that happen between the characters. Remember that time they all went paintballing and how fun that was? Or when the gang used to get together for Trivia Night at the Black Penny? Let us just put in a request now for more of these types of outings in the future! Pretty please!

More Interrogation Room Make-out Sessions

These cops work hard at their jobs and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for a relationship. So they have to sneak in time when the opportunity presents itself. It may not always be ideal, but the interrogation rooms around 15 Division have seen their share of action over the years. Here’s hoping these rooms get put to proper use once again in Season 6!


Sam Swarek and his F150

Who doesn’t love when Sam Swarek rolls onto the scene in his big F-150 truck? That truck has seen a lot over the years, including many McSwarek heart-to-hearts. Here’s hoping it’ll continue to make appearances throughout Season 6. Who knows, maybe all that Marlo baby drama can be solved with one good, honest chat inside the cabin. You never know …


The return of Mama Peck

With Gail’s quest to adopt little Sophie being one of the main storylines in Season 6, we can’t help but root for the return of Motive’s Lauren Holly as her mother, Elaine. Gail and the police Superintendent don’t have the best relationship, but this could be just the thing to bring this mother and daughter duo closer together.


McSwarek watching reality TV

We know McSwarek is going to be faced with some pretty big issues come Season 6, but we’re really hoping they’ll find a way to work things out in the end. If for no other reason than we really, really want to see Andy force Sam Swarek into watching The Bachelorette and other reality TV gems.



Did we miss anything? What are you most hoping to see in Season 6 of Rookie Blue? Sound off and add your wishes in the comments below.

Rookie Blue premieres Thursday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Global and Thursday, June 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.