12 Things to Know About Wynonna Earp Season 2


Hurry up, grab some whiskey and doughnuts and buckle up Earpers because it’s almost time for Wynonna Earp Season 2! Yes, the wait is almost over, and even though it’s been hard and felt incredibly long at times, we are now so close to the premiere on Friday, June 9 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space Channel. So dust off your leather fringed jacket and get your boots ready because it’s time to head on back to Purgatory!

There were no shortage of questions and cliffhangers left when Wynonna ended Season 1 and viewers will be expecting a lot of answers from showrunner Emily Andras and her writers come Season 2. What happened to Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) when she touched the goo? How can Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) get past having to shoot her sister Willa? Where the heck was Black Badge taking Dolls (Shamier Anderson)? These are all questions viewers need answers to and hopefully will get during the supernatural thriller’s second season.

However, after we here at The TV Junkies were lucky enough to view the first four episodes of Season 2 early, we thought it’d be only right if we shared the love and good fortune with the rest of the Earpers. You’ll find below a few things that we felt fans should know and that will hopefully get everyone even more excited about what’s to come in Season 2. As is usually the case, we’re not a fan of spoilers and these episodes are so fun we’d hate to steal any of that from you. So these are more just teases and general thoughts on what we’ve seen out of Season 2 thus far.


Wynonna is reeling

We all know how tough Wynonna is and that she’s one of the best at using snark to deflect attention away from how she’s truly feeling. However, Gus wasn’t completely wrong when she told Wynonna in Season 1 that she’s “as broken as they come,” and that’s especially true in Season 2. It’s not like we can really blame her though, she did just have to shoot her older sister and Dolls, her boss/friend/maybe something more, has been ripped away from her. All in all, Wynonna is not doing so great.

But Scrofano is still stellar

While all this angst and trouble may be a bad thing for Wynonna, for viewers it’s quite the opposite. One thing quickly became clear in Season 1 and that is that Scrofano was born to play Wynonna. From total badass to snarky dork to straight up action hero, Scrofano can do it all. These Season 2 complications that Wynonna is facing just allow Scrofano to once again show off her wide ranging talent and she does not disappoint!


The Year of Dom

There may be that pesky question of whether or not Waverly is actually an Earp, but she sure isn’t backing down this season. Dominique Provost-Chalkley steals the spotlight quite a few times from what we’ve seen and sometimes in very surprising fashion. Costar Katherine Barrell was not lying when she joked at ClexaCon that “every week is like ‘what’s Dominique’s special skill this episode?’ This girl has many talents which she gets to showcase this season.”

Dark and twisted

We’re not sure who hurt Emily Andras and the Wynonna Earp writers but they’ve come up with some pretty sick and twisted plots this season. Not only is the visual effects team’s skills being tested, but we’re pretty frightened about the pieces that have been put in place as far as villains and evil to come. There’s definitely things that happen that you never thought you’d see, and we are starting to think there’s something wrong with us as well because we’re really digging all the deranged plot lines starting to take shape in Season 2!

Earp sisters are still the best

If you’re anything like us, then the true romance at work for you on Wynonna Earp is the relationship between the Earp sisters. Whatever crazy shit may be happening around them, as long as Wynonna and Waverly have each other we pretty much always felt like everything was going to be alright. With the great sister action we’ve seen early on, we feel like we’re pretty safe to assume that the relationship between Wynonna and Waverly will continue to be the best thing about a show full of great things. There’s just something magical about Scrofano and Provost-Chalkley on screen together, having heart to hearts and taking down things that go bump in the night that will turn even the hardest hearts of stone to mush!


The soundtrack continues to rock!

From the moment we first heard Wynonna Earp’s beloved theme song “Tell that Devil” by Jill Andrews, it was clear that music was going to play a huge role on the show. After seeing four episodes we can safely say that music supervisor Andrea Higgins once again proves to be the best in the business. The songs on Wynonna always seem to capture the mood and help us immerse ourselves completely into what’s happening on screen. So whether it be super heavy emotional moments or just kickass action sequences, we know we can always count on the soundtrack and Higgins to provide the perfect song for the perfect moment.

Purgatory is Wayhaught!

One thing that came out of Season 1 fully intact and stronger than ever was Wayhaught, aka the relationship between Waverly and Officer Nicole Haught. The pair are definitely together and making a go of their relationship in Season 2 and Provost-Chalkley and Barrell still have chemistry for days. Like any good television couple though, things can’t be all blue skies and sunny 100 per cent of the time. Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty that will make WayHaught fans downright giddy, but any time two people are starting out in a relationship there’s going to be a little drama. But before anyone jumps to conclusions, let’s be clear on one thing, there’s a lot more Wayhaught in Season 2!


Be ready to rewatch!

One of the things we love most about Wynonna Earp is the many funny one-liners. There are so many Season 1 lines that we quote over and over again, and we’ve already got a few choice ones for Season 2 that we just know Earpers will have a field day with! Just like in Season 1, hold onto your hats because the one-liners are coming at you fast and furious and we’re betting you’re going to need more than one rewatch to catch all of them!

Doc Holliday, a comedian?

We all know how great Tim Rozon is as Doc Holliday and we pretty much start swooning the minute he starts delivering those great Doc lines, but what surprised us through the first several episodes is Rozon’s comedic timing. We saw glimpses of it in Season 1 as Doc struggled to turn on a car or battled other technology, but in Season 2 Rozon has stellar comedic timing and Doc was the source of many laughs during the first few episodes. Of course, this all doesn’t mean that Doc has lost that sexy swagger because have no fear, Rozon still has that for days as well!


Dolls’ situation is no joke

While we don’t know much about Dolls’ boss Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond) it’s clear right from the start that she’s not messing around. She’s hauled Dolls away and what she has planned for him is nothing good! It’ll be up to Wynonna and the gang to figure out how to rescue him, but Black Badge proves to be a very formidable opponent. If you’re a Dolls fan and worried about what he’s in for then buckle up because those fears are definitely warranted!

New cast members fit right in!

While we’re not going to give any specifics away about the characters that previously announced new cast members Tamara Duarte and Varun Saranga play, we can assure you that they fit right in. As reported in Variety, Duarte plays Rosita who is recruited by Doc to help the team and Saranga divulged at C2E2 in April that he’s playing Jeremy and works with Black Badge. Both actors are very charming and seem to instantly fit in with the core group we already know and love, making them very welcome additions!

It’s the Wynonna we know and love

This may be the last point on this list, but it’s the most important. If you loved Wynonna Earp in Season 1 then you’re going to still love it in Season 2. Showrunner Andras, the writers and this cast are so in tune with the things that make the show great and what the fans love that we couldn’t wipe the smile off our face watching these Season 2 episodes. That being said, Andras has come up with so many surprises and shocking moments that you’ll never see coming and will completely blow your mind, but in the best way possible! There’s a reason why fans feel so strongly about this show and from the minute the Season 2 premiere started I was reminded exactly why that is. Make no mistake, Season 2 of Wynonna Earp is the same show we all know and love. It just went away for a bit and used that time to grow up, get a little wiser, test its limits and in the end return even better. Earpers know one thing, don’t ever get off the bus! Thankfully for us, Emily Andras is the one driving it!


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Wynonna Earp Season 2 premieres Friday, June 9 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy and Space.